Video: Great TV, an Inspiring Author, and a Humble Tango by da-AL

My husband I do a little dance for our dear cousins.

Someone said that a good story makes you both laugh and cry. To me, a remarkable story does all that while capturing the nuances of how each of us can be wonderful yet flawed. Bramwell, a TV show I only recently discovered, does it all. It’s from the 1990s, which apparently is so old that the closest to a trailer for it that I could find for you is this opening…

I’m discussing Bramwell to tell you about the inspiring screenwriter. Wikipedia notes, “Lucy Gannon once worked as a military policewoman, a residential social worker, and a nurse, and lived in a concrete council house with no central heating. She later moved to a converted barn in Derbyshire and now lives near Cardigan, in Wales.” Here she describes how she came to writing…

And here, my friends, is a tango that my husband and I danced for our dear cousins in Gold Coast, Australia…

What makes great writing for you?

Argentine Tango Elegante: Video of Newest Step by da-AL

Khashayar and da-AL learning a new step. Khashayar and da-AL learning a new step.

It’s no coincidence that my soon-to-be self-published novels have to do with dance! Here are my husband and me practicing a step we just learned at the end of class (and here’s more and some more and more and a quick clip and the first time I posted a video of our dancing about the style of Argentine tango that we dance that’s taught by these outstanding teachers)…

Here’s a masterfully fun tango clip of “Lost in Paris,” a marvelous film I recently discovered by French film burlesque style due Canadian Fiona Gordon and Belgian Dominique Abel…

And another from the same movie — that’s choreographed by them (and danced?)…

What’s your favorite dance film?…

Tango Elegante Video: “El Día Que Me Quieras” by da-AL

da-AL dances Argentine Tango with her honey

Each year, a dear friend opens her home to her dance-loving friends. We share great food and either perform or just enjoy watching.

My love of dance is great — that’s why one of my upcoming novels is titled, “Flamenco & the Sitting Cat”! The style of Argentine tango that my husband I dance is called Tango Elegante, taught by these outstanding teachers.

Our friend’s daughter kindly shot this video of my honey and me…

What’s your favorite dance?…

Argentine Tango Elegante: Another brief class video by da-AL

My and my honey dancing Argentine Tango Elegante
My honey and I dancing Argentine Tango Elegante.

Many thanks to our great teachers, Alyssa and Martin. Enjoy …

When’s the last time you danced with your honey?

Argentine Tango Elegante Bridge: dance practice by da-AL

Me and my honey learning a tango bridge. We love our teachers, Martin and Alyssa.

What’s your favorite style of dance?

Call for Writers, a Quickie Tango Video, Plus it’s Day 3 by da-AL

Old Hermes typewriter courtesy of Wikipedia. Forever green, runs on finger and brain power.
Old Hermes typewriter courtesy of Wikipedia. Forever green, runs on finger and brainpower.

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Today is my third day of a 30-day personal challenge to post daily for a month. Here’s a little video of my honey and me working to get a new dance step just right. We’re students of the Tango Elegante style of Argentine Tango.

To Dance Argentine Tango is a Miracle: 2 videos by da-AL

A year ago January, I messed up my left knee big time in a skiing accident. Recovery was horrendous, as was dealing with insurance. It wasn’t till July that I was healed enough for surgery. A few weeks before the big day, however, I slipped at Trader Joe’s and broke more parts of the same knee. That second fall meant postponing surgery.

A blessing! As I waited anew for surgery, I found a wonderful orthopedist who suggested that I might not need cutting after all! Lo and behold, fourteen months later, my knee is almost perfect! I can dance!

Here are a couple of short clips of my husband and me practicing Tango Elegante steps taught to us by a fab duo.

Update on my learning about blogging: Resolution on these videos is minuscule and there’s no sound — the camera was, “from the era of the mummies,” as my mom would say.

A great youtube video on how to use iMovie enabled me to trim the ends. Turns out only allows video links, as opposed to uploads. Hence, I opened a youtube account, uploaded the clips there, and then linked them below. Since starting this blog, I continue to join more sites. So far I’m on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube. Figuring out the best setting for all of them takes time. So does figuring out how to make the best use of them. Suggestions welcome!



What you think of the new background (a section of a flamenco themed monoprint I made) and how text now scrolls while the background remains static?

Opinions welcome throughout. When you click on a link, do prefer it to open into new browser tab or into this tab?

Did you know that dogs like to dance too? At least ours do!

My review for Yelp about the knee-saving orthopedist (note: he’s since relocated to a neighboring suite).
The terrific Tango Elegante teachers.
A good iMovie how-to. is free!