Video: Great TV, an Inspiring Author, and a Humble Tango by da-AL

My husband I do a little dance for our dear cousins.

Someone said that a good story makes you both laugh and cry. To me, a remarkable story does all that while capturing the nuances of how each of us can be wonderful yet flawed. Bramwell, a TV show I only recently discovered, does it all. It’s from the 1990s, which apparently is so old that the closest to a trailer for it that I could find for you is this opening…

I’m discussing Bramwell to tell you about the inspiring screenwriter. Wikipedia notes, “Lucy Gannon once worked as a military policewoman, a residential social worker, and a nurse, and lived in a concrete council house with no central heating. She later moved to a converted barn in Derbyshire and now lives near Cardigan, in Wales.” Here she describes how she came to writing…

And here, my friends, is a tango that my husband and I danced for our dear cousins in Gold Coast, Australia…

What makes great writing for you?

26 thoughts on “Video: Great TV, an Inspiring Author, and a Humble Tango by da-AL”

  1. Oh wow, Gannon sounds like an incredible lady with such vibrant history, such tenacity to get to where she did. I agree that a good story captures nuances and the good as well as the human nature of us all, flaws and all. I also find a good story makes you feel something, it moves you in some way and makes you empathise with characters. Loved your tango video, it’s calming to watch… you move so smoothly, I wish I could do that!! Knowing me I’d slip over in heels on that shiny floor before even starting 😉

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