How do you live? by da-AL

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“You only die once.

You live every day.”

Quote by John Feal

John Feal founded the FeelGood Foundation, which helps 9/11 responders as they continue to deal with the aftereffects of dealing with injuries and toxins.

We must, he reminds us, make the most of our lives. Every day we get out of bed offers us a new opportunity.

Good deeds, moreover, are infectious. In a recent radio interview Feal recounted how, when he’s in line to buy coffee, he often pays for the drink of whoever’s behind him.

His philosophy: when we’re kind, we can’t help but be kind to others.

The kindness of others has helped me to be a better person. How about you?

36 thoughts on “How do you live? by da-AL”

    1. & keep spreading — I think at times its easy to think unkind people are the majority — but we forget that we all need to continually reinforce kindness — its not just a one time thing…

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  1. To further the previous comments, I found that the smallest acts of kindness are often met with such gratitude that it’s makes you want to do it again. I go to the senior center to talk with elder people that don’t have many, if any, visitors and when I leave I feel great – that I was the one who benefited by the visit. I highly recommend it! That is a wonderful saying Da-AL, thank you for sharing it!

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      1. Thank you dear da-AL. Most people are ok and some are very kind. But sometimes I witness people do things that I find disgusting or unkind.

        It is a cruel world, like the song goes “if only fools are kind, then I guess it is wise to be cruel” …

        I am not cruel and don’t want to become that way but I should not be so kind because people take advantadge of you if you’re too kind…

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        1. You are right — it is a balance that requires sober thought — though I do often think that the powers above seem to reserve a special place for those who are simpler than the rest of us haha

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  2. Kindness makes the world go around and I wish that more folks had compassion for their fellow man. It makes a huge difference to be kind. I hold doors open for people that are coming through a door and I let people into a line of traffic. I’ve been told by several folks that have lived in other states that being kind to others just does not happen. I was astounded. I thought, this is the USA, and why can’t we all be kind? I suppose I had taken it for granted.

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  3. Agreed. Yesterday on my way to work, I passed an intersections, after making a routine stop at the stop sign, I proceeded as mindlessly as usual. Then I saw a handicapped person crossing the street in front of me in her wheelchair. Come on I thought, I’m late for a meeting. And that was when a car pulled over to the side where a young man jumped out, he quickly ran to the woman and helped her getting to the other side of the street. So kind I thought and it put to my selfishness to shame, but in the mean time warmed my heart. God bless those with the heart of gold!

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