Now I have COVID-19…

Photo of da-AL and K-D.

Now I, too, have COVID-19. My husband came down with it last week, ahead of me. He’d just tested positive when I wrote of his illness here (and here’s how it progressed and here’s our latest news.)

At the time, he was only somewhat uncomfortable. Quickly thereafter, he got really ill.

Very very very fortunately, just this month he’d found employment that provides excellent health insurance. Moreover, only a couple of days earlier, the health plan started offering monoclonal antibodies treatments to “patients who qualify.” Lucky him, he got sick sick sick enough to qualify.

Three mornings, he spent hours getting to the hospital, having his blood tested, taking medications including steroids, and sitting with an IV drip. The first day he felt the worst of his life, could hardly stand to get out of bed, and could barely eat or drink. By days two and three, he was markedly improved. It’s been a few days since, and he’s not entirely over it, but he’s definitely (knock on wood) out of the woods. Now he wishes the pounds he initially lost on the “COVID diet” weren’t creeping back. Thank goodness his sense of humor is returning.

As for me, the first day he fell sick, I felt crummy too, but mine passed within a couple of hours. I hoped it meant my body had faced down the nasty bug. A few days later, still feeling fine, hi ho hurrah, I tested negative. Then a few days later, woe is me, positive results of a retest came in shortly after I became feverish and headachy and yucky and… (okay, I’ll stick with keeping things polite) and it didn’t go away. I’m still not entirely great, but I hope I’m done with the worst of it.

How fortunate I am to have decent health insurance, a nurturing husband, and the generosity of dear people.

Now indulge me a moment on my soapbox:

Know anyone who’s anti-immigration? Invite them to find a predominantly white hospital and tell them good luck with that. The medical professionals who’ve helped my husband and me were overwhelmingly first and later generation immigrants. I’d rather not contemplate where we’d be without their hard work, dedication, care, bravery, and on and on…

Definitely, if everyone wore masks, neither my husband nor I would have gotten COVID-19. Wishing you and yours excellent health.

Have you ever changed a bigot’s mind? At least I can be one less person who allows them to think it’s okay to spread hate and divisiveness…

214 thoughts on “Now I have COVID-19…”

    1. no need for apology — my husband & I both had it — he had it worse initially, but then I’ve got the lingering side effects. he got it from a new job where they never wore masks, just vaccines came out. I’m great aside from probs with taste & smell that are beyond annoying


      1. Oh, I have heard that is the worst symptom–the loss of senses.

        re: “a new job where they never wore masks, just vaccines came out.”

        What kind of workk place doesn’t require masks?!

        I admit, I am kind of a sheople on the matter–I wear them when I have to, but don’t know all the science. Like many, I have things–and people–to live for, so I opted to not try herd immunity.

        From what I read recently (and suspected all along) masks are inneffective, even the N-95’s.

        The only thing that works is containment, via total lockdown, as we saw in China–though the heard immunity of Sweden is quite hotly debated these days.

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  1. “The medical professionals who’ve helped my husband and me were overwhelmingly first and later generation immigrants.”

    SO comforting for those of us who have been damaged by white society and its horrific biases.

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          1. HAHAHA, I think I know that video. There is one person online who routinely films them, like a little herd.

            They are very intelligent, and have as much language as a dog–but are smart enough to act dumb so they don’t get trained, lol.

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      1. I was about 500 miles from ground zero at Wuhan the minute the virus struck. I watched the entire thing roll out.

        My opinion is that following government mandates is not a matter of “freedom v tyranny” but rather an acknowledgement that the medical mafias will kill us if they can, and we should take whatever precautions we can.

        Yes, its a a global problem, yes, it was likely engineered, yes, freedom is at stake in the Hegelian dialectic–but that doesn’t mean we should go out and catch our death due to idealism.

        I see that your husband has recovered–best of luck and health to him!

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