Magic: David Sedaris Makes a List by da-AL

If you don’t already know who David Sedaris is, you should. He’s a great writer, that’s why — moreover, he’s a fabulous performer of his writings.

Author David Sedaris

His most recent book is least like his prior books. For those new to his writing, it’s easier to start with any of his older books. His recent, “Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002),” is his most personal and darkest.

Regardless of whether you hate him or never read a single sentence of his, he’s a mega-publishing success.

With that held in your mind, dwell upon the fact that many years ago, when he was very young and very depressed, he wrote up …

A  L i s t

Years later, he’d gotten every single thing on it and more!

Author David SedarisI listened to him reading his book and didn’t read it in print, so I’m paraphrasing …

David Sedaris’ 10 Reasons to Live

  1. Christmas
  2. Family beach trip
  3. Writing a published book
  4. Seeing my name in a magazine
  5. Watching ‘C’ grow bald
  6. (This one I couldn’t figure out what he was saying)
  7. Seeing Amy (his actress sister) on tv
  8. Other people’s books
  9. Outliving my enemies
  10. Being interviewed by Terry Gross (host and co-executive producer of the hugely popular National Public Radio show, “Fresh Air”)

Me? My lists tend to be daily ‘to do’ ones. Often I have to shake myself and look at the bigger of what I’m trying to achieve. Once I do, though, my life seems to track better. With a good optimistic overview of where I hope to go, work doesn’t seem as much like work and patience comes more easily.

What’s worked for you? Do you keep lists?

49 thoughts on “Magic: David Sedaris Makes a List by da-AL

  1. I heard David Sedaris being interviewed here on Australian radio. He said many interesting things. One I remember is about having to find a way into a story (he’s talking about real life experiences), for example, how to write (and it’s my turn to paraphrase now) about what you dislike about staying in posh hotels without people hating you. I haven’t read his work, but completely agree with you that he has the voice, manner, and charisma of a storyteller that you just want to keep listening to. As for lists, mine are small unambitious ones, though I would love to have that manuscript published 🙂

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  2. My son turned me on to David Sedaris and I’ve since read several of his books. He’s an engaging writer. He uses his attention to detail to point out the duplicity and peculiarity of the world. He skewers the status quo and turns everything belly up. His list seems simple but his achievements are exceptional. Just to get a book into print – that would be at the top of my list.

    Thanks for telling about his new book.


  3. I use lists. There are lots of post it in my office! But I don’t really have a list of reasons to live. I enjoy what I have; I seek what I want and I have my eyes open for new opportunities to make my life better as well of those around me. -Dominique

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  4. I love David Sedaris – he was here in town this week, but I totally forgot and missed it. I needed a list to make sure I got tickets, because I am definitely one of those people who makes lists. It’s gotten to the point where if I don’t write it down, I don’t remember it; conversely, once it’s on the list, I forget about it until I see it again. The latter is only a problem if I accidentally erase something from the list: I will never remember it was on there in the first place!

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    • Lol – I’m guilty of the same. What’s been helping me is to start using my lists more for after the fact. I.e., review grocery lists as I’m finishing up shopping.


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