Portland, Oregon: Wonderful in Unexpected Ways by da-AL

Do all Portland lambs hike with their people?
Do all Portland lambs hike with their people?

Over a recent long holiday weekend, I visited Portland, Oregon for my first time. The weather was warm, with blue skies and no rain in sight.

Book lovers rejoice! It’s home to Powell’s Books, where book goodness spreads over four generous floors!

Powells Books, Portland, Oregon
4 floors of book goodness

Mouthwatering food abounds! Cafes, bakeries, restaurants, chocolatiers, and even their many food trucks (aka food carts) here are delicious and gourmet.

Sheep taking a hike with its peopleWhere else could one see a lamb hiking with its people and dogs to a waterfall?

Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland, Oregon
Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland, Oregon

Portland’s Lan Su Chinese Garden features authentic architecture, landscaping, Koi at Lan Su Gardenkoi, and a fine tea house …

Tea at Lan Su Garden, Portland, Oregon

Jetboat excursions begin at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, speed under Willamette River’s many bridges,

Willamette River, Portland, Oregon
Willamette River, Portland, Oregon

and turn around at —- waterfalls (who knew?)

waterfalls in Portland, Oregon

Their International Rose Test Garden goes on and on with sweet smelling colorful flowers …

da-AL enjoying Portland's Rose Test Garden
Wishing I smelled like a rose at Portland’s Rose Test Garden

Please tell us — do your sheep enjoy hiking?

67 thoughts on “Portland, Oregon: Wonderful in Unexpected Ways by da-AL

  1. Translator is crazy!
    I passed english-Italian and it gives an Italian for laughing, after I passed Italian- English and it now changed my original message to You.

    The original my message to You is: FINE! Bello!!!! is not END!!!!!!

    Its simplier I learn well English, I suppose! 🙂

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    • HI, I feel I should encourage you to visit both! I am a native of Washington and have spent most of my life in Redmond WA with many visits to Oregon, particularly Portland. My husband and I love both, but mostly from June to October, the rest of the year…..well, if you like overcast, cold and rain then go for it! But nothing beats Seattle in the summer! Hope you make it to both soon!

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  2. Do my sheep enjoy hiking – I love it when someone gets me day started with a hearty laugh! And I don’t know what you smell like, but you look like a rose in that photo. Daal. Close friends live in Portland area and keep telling us what a wonderful city it is, with fabulous restaurants the norm. Here in Orange County, the “creative” restaurants are located near the coast. Read that as located near the big money of which they
    extricate large amounts. Since we don’t come with large amounts of money, we don’t eat there. LOL.

    Any city with so much glorious water – a city worth visiting. Our friends love living there.

    And getting to go to Powells – now I am really jealous! (How much of your retirement did you spend there? You don’t have to tell.) So glad you shared your wonderful trip with us.

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    • You are always sweet, Sharon It was definitely a vacation filled with unexpected wonderfulness. The abundance of gourmet yet inexpensive food trucks was an especially su


    • Ack – am typing on a smartphone and hit reply by accident. Anyway, am sure you get the idea as I too would love if here too good food (healthy as well as delightful) was accessible to all. Fortunately my husband and I love to cook.

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  3. Isn’t their slogan: Keep Portland weird? I think it was a featured city on a tv show I absolutely love (The Mole). It sure made me want to go there, and now your photos and post only made it worse!

    It’s best for everyone if I’d just win the lottery one day. Soon.

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  4. I think most places I worked had a limit of 4 weeks a year. But I’ve never heard of an arrangement like you have in the States. Sounds very inhuman to me, lol. Having said that, I haven’t taken up any vacation days this year… Hmmm…

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  5. Portland OR is one of my most favorite places on earth. My husband and I spent a long weekend there in July a few years ago and it was perfect in so many ways. If all my family and friends weren’t in KY and TX I would love there tomorrow!! 😉

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  6. “Where else could one see a lamb hiking with its people and dogs to a waterfall”? – This made me
    laugh da-AL.
    Your pictures are stunning, and what’s the name of that beautiful rose in the picture of the roses? The one wearing a sleeveless dress? 🙂

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