Happy Norooz! + Twinkl + Cats Fable Video + Podcast

Khashayar with me at our Persian New Year haft-seen table.
Khashayar with me at our Persian New Year haft-seen table.
Want to listen to a podcast/audio version of Happiness Between Tails? Click the Spotify podcast link above. And please give it a follow.

Persian New Year partying is a two-week affair, so we’re still in the midst of it! Here’s the haft-seen table that Khashayar arranged. In another video, I explain the history and the items.

More to celebrate: given that I’m writing soon-to-be-published novels, Twinkl (a resource by teachers, for teachers and homeschoolers in early childhood and elementary settings that featured me before) listed me among authors and bloggers on their To Be Read List 2022: Top Book Picks From Authors and Bloggers!

Now for a story with a moral. The lives of Lucy and Mooshie are Grimm-inspired reminders of how smarts are better to have than good looks (more about Mooshie here)


What’s your fave book or fable?

32 thoughts on “Happy Norooz! + Twinkl + Cats Fable Video + Podcast”

  1. I enjoyed the recording of Mooshie and Lucy, da-AL. It was pleasant to listen to your storytelling! It reminded me of the Aesop’s Fables I learned from my father as a child. I later shared Aesop’s Fables with my daughter and my students. We performed skits of some of them, which was fun. Have a great weekend! ❤

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  2. I must comment that I too have an Anchor podcast linked to my World press blog. But it takes an extensive amount of time to do both up to the standards I desire. So how do you make Anchor work while maintaining a writing schedule? I notice for example you tape your own voice which takes time while I choose to use the Anchor voice already embedded. I realize I could do better here.

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    1. so glad to meet someone trying it out too — yes, it takes time — I used my own voice for canned intros & outros, then use automated for reading the post itself. but even that takes time because I opened a separate wordpress account just for that — that way I can massage the text for how the a.i. reads it. mine is more of a personal classroom for when I use my own voice for podcasting my upcoming novels


  3. My favorite this week is “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” by Betty Smith. The book has been around for decades and I just now got a chance to read it. Fabulous.
    And congrats on making the who’s who list for 2022, da-AL! xox

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