3. Ever been told…?

Flamenco woman with text over that reads: Ever been told that 'all Middle Eastern women are sexy,' that they have 'hypnotic eyes,' & that 'you know what goes on under those burqas'?

Ever been told that ‘all Middle Eastern women are sexy,’ that they have ‘hypnotic eyes,’ and that ‘you know what goes on under those burqas’ as if they’re an exotic species?

19 thoughts on “3. Ever been told…?”

  1. fetishization of the other </3
    ive heard this and i think its sadly considered normal for people to fetishize those different from them…
    stopping to think before you speak is a practice more people should engage in within a society and in this specific time & age for sure!

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  2. This goes along with the stereotypes many have of so many women (any woman or culture) the person does not know or understand. I’ve heard “smoldering eyes” of Mexican, Italian or Spanish women, the “glacier cold” eyes of Norwegian women, or women with green eyes that must hide great passion. Typically the remarks come from men who delusionally envision themselves having great sex with these women. The commenters are engaging in a kind of sickness that apparently infects most males from the time they hit puberty. Current politics in the U.S. seemingly condones, even encourages, these attitudes that objectify women.

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    1. ‘objectify’ — exactly — it is easier to people to be awful to each other if they see only in terms of ‘other’ — it is a good tactic for governments, as I replied to another commenter earlier…

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