2. Ever been told…? by da-AL

Photo of da-AL in flower field with caption: Ever been told that your honey is 'nice for a Middle Eastern man'?

Ever been told that your honey is ‘nice for a Middle Eastern man’ as if they’re amazed that Middle Eastern men can be kind?

28 thoughts on “2. Ever been told…? by da-AL

  1. Daal, that I have not heard! Oh the ignorance. My hubby works in an industry where he’s pretty much the only one and when he visit customers they’re amazed what a “nice guy” he is in comparison to the maybe two other black guys they’ve ever spoken to in their lives. 😐

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  2. I live in Egypt and there are some very kind and gentile men. Respectful. I have received too many marriage proposals, and refused all of them, why, the way of life is too different and their mother’s can be a pain to say the least. The women are a bigger problem more than the men. I think da-Al looks like you found a really good one, they are like gold. For that a good men and women are like gold, rare.

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    • so true — I wish everyone would travel more, & not just to english speaking places, & to get to really know people — in the end we are all just people & we all have so much to offer each other<3


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