Standing Head to Knee Yoga Video of Me by da-AL

When the yoga studio where I practice posted on Facebook a 24-second video of me doing a pose, many people were entertained. Hopefully in a good way.

Here, dear blog friends, I share it with you.

This studio hosts a free class every second Saturday of every month. Ask any studio near you if they offer great introductory deals. Chances are, they do!

62 thoughts on “Standing Head to Knee Yoga Video of Me by da-AL”

  1. As Andrea says, that is impressive, Daal. I don’t think either of my legs has been that high off the ground since the time I fell off my bicycle. There is no way I’d be able to copy you without a lot of practice first.

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      1. I tried it yesterday…the balance thing, still got it! The leg that goes up, didn’t manage to stretch it completely…but hey, at almost 45 I am happy, without practice I already got that far…definitely going to put something similar on my to-do list for this year…Although tae-bo (Billy Blanks) is more my style of getting my body and mind into a healthy shape 😉

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        1. Many congrats!

          BB is great, how he sweats & puts his all into it! I try to alternate them.

          Yoga always works best for me when I go slow, focus, & only think about doing my best for today/not setting records…

          Glad we are both bound for a limber, strong 2017 🙂

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