Guest Blog Post: “Is what you WANT what you Need?” in Jeyran Main’s exact words

Want Apple computer, need apple to eat


Jeyran is a blogger, consumer reviewer, book editor, book promoter and a freelance book translator. Her website Review Tales demonstrates her thoughts, reflections and book reviews. Here (at da-AL’s) she shares some great tips …

There are times in life where you sit and wonder about the things that you really want in life. I am talking about the important things such as, choosing a partner, picking a university or a college to go to, getting married, picking a career, choosing your friends and who you hang out with.

Apple computer is probably a wantThen you have the urge of feeling that you need certain things, such as needing a phone or a computer, house to live in, food to eat and a car to drive.

Are these two matters the same? Do you feel that whatever you want is in actual fact what you need? I may have your attention now.

We as humans are complex beings. There can be times where what we actually want is mentally stimulating us so much that we believe it is what we need. Your brain sends strong signals to suggest your dependence on the matter causing you to fight for the thing you most certainly do not need but feel you want.

Food to eat is a needHow many things in your life are things you really need? Most commonly, sentimental things are what you really need, and the material ones are what you want. Having a home or a phone or food to eat can then become the gray area, as they can be both. Having said that, many live without phones and homes and still survive. The objection they may arise, in alarming us to then ponder the following: Has our modern life taken control over our needs and wants? The answer is yes. We are so over indulged in our day-to-day lives that we forget at times, what really matters most. We replace the immediate pleasure, with the longer-lasting one and we then struggle with the emotional and mental consequences as our bodies are confused and do not understand the dilemma.

I hope by reading this, you can possibly think over some of your wants with your needs and make wiser decisions in coming to New Year.

Written by Jeyran Main

21 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: “Is what you WANT what you Need?” in Jeyran Main’s exact words”

  1. I often think I need to watch The Bachelor. To unwind. This, in fact, is not true, I need to meditate instead.

    It’s good to think about these things on occasion. Are we spending our time and money on things we truly need? Good post.

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  2. I once read in a magazine that whenever you have an urge to buy something (you “want” it) try postponing the purchase until a week later. If you have survived without the item, then you really didn’t need it!
    I have found that some of my most inventive recipes came about because I didn’t have a particular ingredient, and so had to adjust one way or another. Very telling: by having less you get your brain to work more!

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  3. I agree with your friend Jeyran. Right now in India most people are like ‘I want iphone.’ When asked Why? all they say is, ‘because everyone wants it and its hip.’ Yep, sure a way to go. hehe

    Knowing need from want is tough and in today’s consumer driven world everyone wants something or something not knowing if they need it or not.

    Great share, thanks Daal.

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  4. I think you’re right about there being a difference between wants and needs and also about the way we confuse the two. I think we all (myself included) sometimes tend to take for granted some of the most important things (our family, our health, etc.) and get fixated on things that really don’t matter at all (e.g. a new iPhone 7).

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      1. Yep, iPhone 7s really seem to have caught on. Samsung Note 7s, on the other hand, mostly caught fire.

        Despite my silly joking, though, I really do think it’s true that we humans have a tendency to covet things that are really not all that important and ignore the things we actually need for our happiness and wellbeing. (I’m as guilty of this as anybody else, sadly.) 🙂

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  5. Nice. I’m going to start a list of wants and needs to try and get a handle on some if this. Modern living is intruding a bit too much right now. I need to get back to a simple and happy life.

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