Standing Head to Knee Yoga Video of Me by da-AL

When the yoga studio where I practice posted on Facebook a 24-second video of me doing a pose, many people were entertained. Hopefully in a good way.

Here, dear blog friends, I share it with you.

This studio hosts a free class every second Saturday of every month. Ask any studio near you if they offer great introductory deals. Chances are, they do!

62 thoughts on “Standing Head to Knee Yoga Video of Me by da-AL”

  1. OK, I am in awe. You must have worked like an athlete on a scholarship to be able to do that.
    Let me tell you what I can do – I can sit on the sofa and fall asleep to the late show on TV.
    Seriously, I am really impressed. You have many talents and you do well at all of them.

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  2. Love this! Great form. I tend to fall over once I start looking at my knee in this posture. And you are so right. Do not have expectations, just go slow and do your best. The class I took today was a guest teacher from New York. He was fantastic. It always amazes me how the same 26 postures can be so challenging from class to class. Namaste!

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