Part 1: What Has Your Pet Taught You? by da-AL

Smiling Cat
Image courtesy of Gidion Lubbe at

Happiness was mine…

My loved ones were all content and healthy, I lived in a beautiful home, and I had just married an incredible man.

Little did I know…

I could be even happier! Moreover, my happiness teachers would be furry!

The cats were my idea…

My husband has every reason to loathe cats.

  1. They make his eyes run.
  2. His throat gets scratchy whenever they’re too close.
  3. If he pets one, his nose itches and worse.

Wonderfulness that he is, he agreed to adopt some. He even quickly fell in love with our felines!

Back then, while all animals charmed me, but…

I was an avowed cat lover. Cats are gorgeous, and better yet, they require minimal attention.

Dogs, I thought, were cute, but didn’t merit all the bother that owning one comes with. They need to be walked daily. They chew valuables and slobber. If you don’t train them, they’ll jump passersby and bark way too much. Some are biters!

Black Kittens
Image courtesy of Tina Phillips at

Cat hater?…

In my experience, cats are terrific!!! They’re lovely, low-maintenance, and fun! Sure, one out of a million is neurotic, but those are in the minority.

My husband loves dogs best!

Given that he had agreed to our two cats, perhaps it was only right to get a dog.

*** Here’s part two and part three to this post. ***

What, dear reader, has your pet taught you?…

72 thoughts on “Part 1: What Has Your Pet Taught You? by da-AL”

  1. I loved dogs, but have never had one. I’m not really a cat lover, but my friend has a cat called Reggie who i’m particularly fond of.

    I have pet chickens and they have taught me a lot about how birds are very clever in some ways but quite stupid in other ways. They also have taught me how much better eggs are from your own hens.

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  2. Scout is what I call a self-rescue. We came home from vacation and found him living in the Flower Bin. When we decided the keeping I took him to the vet where I learned he had been severely beaten at some point. He was in bad shape. He was malnourished and full of worms. He had fleas. And he didn’t really trust anyone. A lot of TLC went into his Rehabilitation. Today he’s a friendly and loves everyone he meets. The lesson I learned was that if you invest enough love in the effort then you’ll accomplish something that pays you back 10 fold.

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  3. I’ve had cats all my life. They have taught me how to communicate with them. When each one has needed or wanted something, he/she scratched on my bed mattress in the middle of the night, knocked over water bottles on the table, put his/her paw in my eye to wake me up, sat on my computer keyboard, etc. Also, I know how to smile at a cat but blinking my eyes.

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