Female Shamans and Art in San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is a constant hustle bustle of strollers, musicians, shops, and street vendors. Museums feature local artists, past and present. It’s the rare place where you’ll find ancient sculptures of female shamans.

Great facts about Costa Rica

  • Literacy there is 96.3%, among the highest in Latin America. When Costa Ricans abolished their army in 1949, they vowed to replace it, “with an army of teachers.”
  • They elected their first female president in 2010. In Latin America, female presidents are common.

Hover over or click photos for captions and to enlarge them.

Learn more about Costa Rica here and here.

18 thoughts on “Female Shamans and Art in San Jose, Costa Rica”

    1. thank you! as much as my trip made me love Costa Rica, it made me totally love the idea of ecotourism most! something proves to big companies that saving the planet can be profitable!

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  1. I was drawn by your post on Costa Rica since my family has been dreaming about travelling there. I’ll be back to read more. Looks like you have wonderful blog here. Best. Chevvy.

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      1. My daughter had it in her head that we should visit Costa Rica in December and she was doing a bit of research on it. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to see you post and will definitely return to read more.😀

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  2. Hi Da – Al,
    You liked a comment I made on Nimmi’s blog. I wanted to come to thank you and introduce myself. Hi, I am Janice from MostlyBlogging.com.
    I know people here– Yelling Rosa, Shannon, Jacqui, Dominique…
    Congratulations on building such an engaged community!
    You and I have other things in common. I almost became a travel blogger. I also recently authored an ebook. Now I blog about blogging, writing, social media, tech, SEO, and productivity. If you need any of those tips I’d love it if you checked out my blog. I also host blogging events each month.
    Nice to meet you.

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  3. Thanks for the info, Daal, you obviously had a great trip. I have many friends who visit as often as they can raving about Costa Rica for its many assets. I hope that its continued exposure to the world doesn’t spoil it for the Costa Rican populace = they deserve to be the primary beneficiaries of their own labor and culture.

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    1. This is the last of my Costa Rica pictures – the trip began & ended in San Juan. I agree about not wanting to spoil things. On the other hand, if people see that there’s money to be made in ecotourism then they’ll be more apt to protect nature.

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