18 Years of Blogging by Dan Zeorlin

How long have you been writing or reading blogs? In between working to finish my novels, I’ve read them for years and blogged myself about two and a half years.

Dan’s blogged for 18 years! Regardless of his ever self-effacing self-description that he should be better at it by now, I’m much impressed! In his words, here’s what he’s learned about blogging, including some of his art…

outline drawing of Dan's feet
EWB* (Experience With Blogging)

18 Years of Blogging by Dan Zeorlin

I blogged as a way to practice my writing hobby. Attraction of Viewers, Likes, and Comments would only add incentive for sorting out and organizing my thoughts. Wrong! My blog grew to an enormous size. I became insatiable, like a chef on a quest to include more ingredients in the pot. I tripped up on this “big feet” mentality.

Meanwhile, other matters became most pressing. I was a Caregiver. After things settled down, I reached good stopping points (CMfM – skeleton; ITN – structure) and buttoned up (put it in an archival mode) my blog after publishing 2057 posts. (It downloads too slowly, and casual users can’t reasonably peruse its content.)

If your goal is to attract spiders (advanced views to blog posts), here are two tips for increased “access to location”:
Improve the odds that an Internet Seeker with a focused search will find you [do this by adding General or Specific Category labels and Tags.] and
Improve your referrals [get out there and find compatible sites and link to each other].

Just remember this: It is easier to get excited by one well-directed “find” than to sustain the fickle interest levels of the entire internet!

How long have you been blogging or subscribing to blogs?

32 thoughts on “18 Years of Blogging by Dan Zeorlin”

  1. I think I am blogging almost as long as Dan. Just realized at WordPress about 9 years already. Started at different platforms first. A bit more serious active about 2 years ago. And now planning to get to the next ‘level’ soon 🙂
    For me it is not about the amount of followers/likers, since not everyone has an WP account. For me it is more about the views. But the beautiful connections I’ve made through blogging surpass every reason, why I even write/blog at all 😉

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    1. Thank you Patty. You affirmed me when I most needed someone to say, “Well done Pig” (to paraphrase the ending to Babe, a movie quote). I just wanted to scream “Is there anyone else out there that has gone through the same things I have?” It ended up penned as the CMfM, as though I could relate to and write for Caregiving Men. Anyway, thanks again for your good work. Dan

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      1. Thanks but I’ve been travelling for much longer so have loads of photos and stories to share.

        Lucky I’ve always kept travel journals as I don’t have a great memory for place names. Only problem is that my journals are in Australia and I’m living in Italy at the moment. 🙂

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    1. Hello Sharon,

      I read your “diverse voice” and it makes me happy to smile at your willingness to share. You are the picture of success you wish to be- go for it girl. Good luck! Dan

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    1. Hello Ortensia,

      How fun to title your blog and write with such abandon (if indeed that is what you’re doing). My life is “Truly Madly Ordinary” and I like it this way. People make great companions. One person’s ordinary is the next one’s extraordinary. Thank you for blogging and sharing a little bit of your greatness. Dan

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        1. It challenges my brain to think how one would keep current with communication in a viral community. Up to this point I have simply not imagined that it could be done. Macalder you give me reason to think it can (and should) be done!

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