3 Funny Strange Things Dogs Do by Zak

My Call for Guest Blog Posts is a success! Zak, a dog loving blogger from England, is our 5th guest poster. Here Zak writes about 3 dog facts he’s learned…

Zak’s team loves dogs!

1: Dogs hump….everything.

Sure, there is the obvious reason for humping. We all know that.

Did you know it is a very natural behavior for puppies to hump? It’s just as natural for female dogs. In their case, it certainly isn’t what you are probably thinking.

In training terms, this is called ‘mounting’, not humping, and dog’s do it for a whole lot of reasons! Puppies mount each other during play. Dogs will sometimes do it as a way of signifying dominance. Dogs mount out of anxiety or during stressful situations. Intact males or even un-spayed females will exhibit this behavior more often.

In the end, this is yet another one of those strange dog behaviors we usually find silly, but often mean something completely different than what we think.

Does your dog do this?

2: Dogs drag their butts… 

Have you ever seen your dog drag his or her bare butt across your nice, clean white carpeting? Your first thought is probably ‘GROSS’! Did you ever wonder why your dog is doing this?

But dragging is usually a sign there is something medically wrong down there. The culprits might be worms, among other things. Your pup might need his anal glands ‘expressed’. In this case, it is a good idea to consider consulting a vet.

Does your dog eat grass?

3: Dogs eat grass…

Like eating hair off the hairbrush, this is another strange one to snack on. Grass certainly can’t taste good, can it? Some dogs will even throw up after eating grass and then go right back to eating more grass, which doesn’t seem to make much sense at all!

In fact, experts say there certainly is a reason, and it probably isn’t because grass tastes good.

Some reasons dogs might eat grass:

  • Improve digestion
  • Treat intestinal worms
  • Fulfill some unmet nutritional need


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