Guest Blog Post: “A Happy Tail,” in Sue Clancy’s exact words

The artwork and stories of Sue Clancy are totally smile enducing. Here’s what she submitted, dear HBT reader, so you can smile too…

My mentor and adopted dad, Dr. Bob Hoke, had an Abyssinian cat named Missy. One day we were sitting and talking with our drinks, papers, and books strewn about the dining room table. When Missy jumped up and stalked through the middle of the table, her tail swishing left to right, we quickly grabbed our glasses; tall stemware filled to the brim with red wine.

“That tail reminds me of a story…,” Bob said, and proceeded to tell me, “A Happy Tail.”

This story, along with others, is included in this book…

About the artist: Sue Clancy is a fine artist represented by several commercial art galleries. Her art has been in exhibits and featured in public and private collections around the world. She is the artist/author of, “Dogs by Sue Clancy,” and many other artist books. Inspired by ordinary life in the Pacific Northwest, she creates in order to keep the dragons giggling and the good wolves fed.

8 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: “A Happy Tail,” in Sue Clancy’s exact words”

  1. What a delightful story from Sue Clancy. And what extraordinary art she creates. I love her philosophy – keep the dragons giggling and the good wolves fed. Spirits of all kinds must sit at her feet, tails swishing happily behind. And many tales to tell.

    Thank you, Daal, for all the wonderful animal stories. Tough couple of weeks for me, so this post is uplifting.

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