Guest Blog Post: “Finish What You Started,” in Jeyran Main’s exact words

Does your ‘to do’ list often threaten to strangle you as mine (da-AL’s) does?

Consumer reviewer, book editor, book promoter, freelance book translator, and owner of Review Tales, Jeyran gets mega stuff accomplished, pus some! Here’s her tip for maintaining one’s cool…

Finish What You Started written over picture of a sky“Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they started.” David Allen

There are many things in our lives that we wish to change. That may be getting rid of bad habits or implementing new good ones. We set goals, promise ourselves, get a planner, get a coach, set reminders but still after a few days or maybe weeks, we give up. We get distracted or do not succeed in seeing any results, and so we do not finish it.

All of these 30-day challenges, 45-day goals, accomplish your goal in 2 weeks headlines draw you into joining them. You are empowered and feel inspired with thousands of other people that are with you in these group chats, forums, and Facebook groups. However, again after a few weeks or many months, you stop and quit.

Another good example is when you purchase something like a book and promise to read it, then as your reading the first book someone recommends the second book and so you buy that too. Then you see the third book; you buy it. Now you have three books of which you have not finished reading even one.

All of these unfinished starters accumulate and end up as stress causing health issues in your life. Imagine all of these incomplete starters to be a small gray dot on your heart. As you continue these dots end up together creating a black hole. Once the black hole is created, it is very hard to go back and to fix it.

The closure is everything for the mental mind. The human body strives to complete goals instead of piling them on. The recommendation is to try and finish one thing at a time before starting another. Give your body the calmness and the stress-free lifestyle it needs.

More of Jeyran Main’ thoughts, reflections, and book reviews at Review Tales.


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