Love Your Public Library and Librarians — the Video! by da-AL

Here’s the video version of my previous post, the one that trumpets the wonderfulness of U.S. public libraries. This was my 7th speech for Toastmasters, and it fulfilled a project called, ‘Research Your Topic.’ Toastmasters is an organization for people who want to learn public speaking and leadership. Worse than public speaking, I fear memorizing things. This speech was when I finally understood that props help me to loose up and prompt me in term of what comes next in my speech.


18 thoughts on “Love Your Public Library and Librarians — the Video! by da-AL”

  1. […] I’m asking because eventually, hopefully, sooner than later, I’ll podcast my novels, starting with “Flamenco & the Sitting Cat.” With that as my plan, I’ve spent the last several weeks of my ‘sheltering in place time’ taking an internet class on podcasting. It’s offered online with a professional Gale Courses teacher at the other end — for free! Thank you, Los Angeles County Library, for which I’ve sung the praises of numerous times, most prominently here and here. […]

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  2. I am just getting to watch you in this video. Daal, you are wonderful at public speaking! You gave us lots of good information, showed us what was in your blue bag, and did it all in a confident and lighthearted way. Kudos to you!! I think I will remember your talk for some time. You also looked very pretty with your nice hair and top. I saw you glancing at your notes but looking at the audience most of the time, which was a good balance. Having the notes on a large piece of paper was so much better than little cards or pads where it would be hard for you to see what comes next.

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