Excess: The Antidote

Someone stuffing Cheetos into mouth
Thank you Ryan McGuire of Gratisography.com

• Excess • Gluttony • Wasteful • Bloat • Guilt • Self-hate • Nausea • Ugly • Obese • Grotesque • Huge • Zeppelin • Blimp • Regret • Sad • Hate • Stuffed •

Feeling any of these, now that we’re officially launched into the holidays?

The Antidote: giving. Simple as it is easy to complicate.

Help exists! And its free and easy and volunteers are welcome!

Google ‘food rescue.’ Many organizations exist that will gladly pick unwanted fruit from backyard trees, glean surpluses from homes and businesses, and then deliver the rescued leftovers to those in need.

If you prefer to do it on your own, as well as if you have more than food to give, check out food pantries, senior centers, used goods stores, religious places, and places that take care of kids. My fave is FoodFinders

Kids getting food at FoodFinders
All ages give and get at Foodfinders