Guest Blog Post: “A review of the book: Arachnophobia? How to Avoid Brown Recluse Bites,” by Steven Anthony

Welcome to this blog’s (da-AL’s) 2nd guest post…

For anyone interested in getting their brain soaked with spider knowledge, this is an excellent book that is easy to follow. Author Thomas Martincic began offering Brown Recluse First Aid Kits after becoming a bite victim to the notorious Brown Recluse spider.

This spider receives a reputation for its bite to be a deadly pack of venom and then eventual skin breakdown that might require amputation. Though the relationship between human and Brown Recluse is sour, it lands itself with the Black Widow as one of the top ten most dangerous spiders in the world.

Martincic keys in on other important aspects of the spider including where it is located and what it looks like in order to be positively identified. Brown Recluses are typically found in the south to the Midwest of the United States. This includes but not limited to Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Alabama, Texas, and Louisiana. They are typically a little larger than a quarter and have a distinct violin shape on their body.

Martincic even elaborates on steps you can take to prevent yourself from becoming a victim to the Brown Recluse. Glue traps have been proven by researchers to be an effective way to combat these spiders. Setting them in various areas where they are more likely to appear at night including the kitchen, living room and basement will increase the likelihood of getting them out of your house.

A truly dangerous spider is indeed scary to a lot of people. However, proper care and planning is the key to preventing a human spider bite. You will not be disappointed if you are a curious-minded individual.

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