Confessions of a Meditation Dummy by da-AL

AccordionNeed to chill but only have five minutes to spare?

RollerDogYearning to partake in the mind/body/soul benefits that science promises of meditation?

BigShoesPerhaps you’re charmed by these stickers, all of them courtesy of Stop, Breathe & Think?

ElvisOr, like me, do you find meditation to be absolute torture?

SunriseHelp is here! And its FREEEEE!  Check out my very fave great-for-all-ages app.

StarPeakMonths ago, on a day when I was called out for having ants in my pants at a meditation class, a classmate turned me on to StopBreatheThink. Their free app hosts a trove of guided meditations, all of which revolve around mindfulness and compassion.

GuitarSuddenly meditation is a joy! Every single one of the many dialogs is like a window to heaven for me — without the prerequisites of having to be saintly and then die. The narrator is incredible. For around a dollar that benefits meditation in high schools, you can download additional ones, including some narrated by k.d. lang.