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My friends and I are eager to meet you!

Let my readers get to know you — and yours get to know us — by guest blog posting for Happiness Between Tails. Once approved, within a few weeks your post will be published here, plus shared to the rest of my social media.

The week after you post appears on Happiness Between Tails (more about this below in Step #4), you can kick back on your site, because you’ll have a pre-made post to re-blog (or copy and paste) to your site, and share to the rest of your media.

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Guest blog posts might become podcast episodes too!

Step #1: Email an informal inquiry to: ContactdaAL (at) gmail (dot) com

Your idea can cover any subject or format and be any length. That includes poems, stories, essays, photos, artwork, and the suggestions further down this page.

Step #2: Once approved, email these me…

  • Your article: Checked for grammar and spelling.
  • Images: One to three .jpg’s that you or someone you know shot, with captions and attributions. Make sure I can legally use them and they’re minimum 1000 in length on the shortest side.
  • A bit about yourself: Where you publish from if you are a fellow blogger, your background, etc.
  • A link to your site.
  • Note: Nothing derogatory or religious. Posts must be informative, with no advertising to anything other than what you’ve personally written or made. I pay WordPress to n.o.t. feature overt ads on my site.

Step #3: Once published, here’s how to boost the number of readers who want to know you better and to visit your site…

  • Reply to comments on your post: Search Engine Optimization rises with the more the ball is kept up in the air — meaning the more interactions within the post, the more it appears on lists such as Google, WordPress Reader, etc.
  • Share it to all your social media: Again, the more action your post gets, the higher it’ll be listed on topic searches.

Step #4: Supercharge your exposure! A week after it’s published on Happiness Between Tails, meaning once I’ve posted something new so our readers don’t get ping-ponged back and forth to the same post…

  • Publish it on your site: Click “reblog” near the share buttons at the end of your Happiness Between Tails post. If your site doesn’t accommodate “reblog,” copy and paste the article to your site with a note that it first appeared at
  • Share your reblogged or re-posted article to all your social media.

Subjects great for, but not limited to, …

  • Books: what you love about them and your fave novels.
  • Writing: such as how to publish, publicize, and sell.
  • Podcasting, from listening to hosting: how to attract subscribers, serialize a novel, distribute internationally.
  • Animals
  • Problem-solving: share your wisdom.
  • Dance
  • Equal Rights
  • Fun
  • Gender
  • Happiness
  • Identity
  • Kindness
  • Libraries
  • Love
  • Arts
  • Cooking and eating
  • … or whatever else you’re passionate about!

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Have you guested on blogs and podcasts?

How to Get More Out of Time? by (wiserlady) Aiming Flamingo

In this Guest Blog Post, Aiming Flamingo (wiserlady), demonstrates how prioritizing helps with time management …

It is easy to ignore work life balance and throw ourselves into long hours of toiling that leave us exhausted. In the long run, work is just one aspect of life, and not the only important one.

A highly practical time management book is “First Things First” by author Steven R. Covey — a great read for those who want to get more accomplished while living a healthy life. It is the concept of choosing the most valuable tasks at any given instance and not reacting to urgent needs as depicted in the grid below (Reference: First Things First).

Wiserlady Importance of Time chart

Quadrant III deception can typically occur at work — when you get an urgent SOS call from your co-worker. It is really their urgency but has little to do with what is most important on your priority list. If we organize our daily activities by priority instead of urgency, we can accomplish all the activities on our list that actually matters.

This will also allow us to have enough time to prioritize on the other important aspects of our lives, such as relationships with loved ones or exercising for better health or learning new skills or for community services.

Hence, let’s use this book’s concept to look at time a bit differently — not as a passive parameter for outlining tasks to be checked off — instead, weighing time according to the importance of the task. That’s is exactly how we can get much more out of every second of our time.

Aiming Flamingo (wiserlady) bio: Aiming Flamingo’s research team include scientists with doctorate degree in health sciences and rehabilitation, committed to bringing you scientifically valid information to promote greater awareness on health-related topics every week.

How do you get the most out of your time?