Searching for intelligent writing that’s heartfelt and fun? You’re in the right place! If you enjoy the ideas and sensibility here, you’ll love my novels once they’re published.

About da-AL

da-AL with Emmy
My Emmy statuette.

Before I became a novelist, I was a reporter for cable TV, radio, and print, as well as a visual artist. My journalism awards include an Emmy.

My name was invented by my father, a proud Spaniard. My mother, from Argentina, endorsed it. Does it have anything to do with Salvador Dalí? Papá said no, that he didn’t remember where he got it. A raconteur, he would segue into the story of when he dropped by unannounced at the famous painter’s hotel room and was perplexed as to why he wasn’t invited in.

Travel was Papá’s raison d’etre. Within months of my birth in Florida, I was launched into a childhood of relocating between U.S. coasts, and parts of Spain.

My life today is still international. My Iranian-American husband and I share a passion for world dance, cuisine, music, travel, and literature.

Black lab-mix dogs warm my feet as I tap at these keys. Our kitty can be lured from her dent on my mother’s bed by the sound of a can of tuna being opened.

da-Al with youngest black lab mix
The baby of the family.

We reside close enough and far enough from Southern California beaches to enjoy cool sunny weather year round.


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237 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. da-AL, What a great website…you are about so much here! You book! Your dogs! And more!!! I can feel your energy here!!! I must look around more! I found you by your “Like” on my comment on JoytotheWorld!!! ….where I typed MY OWN website incorrectly! It is excuseusforliving.com “Try it! You’ll like it!” Phil

    Liked by 1 person

    • Phil, you are so kind! Indeed, your site is wonderful — & you cover quite a lot there too. All the blogging advice I read says we should specialize, but it’s difficult to do when there are so many fun things to discuss!

      Liked by 2 people

      • da-AL, Thanks for the nice reaction to my website! The advice to specialize our websites is a good general rule if the number of viewers/stats is our objective. However, when I started my website in January 2012 my objective was not to be pigeon-holed & to write about anything I wanted to. I very quickly realized that to write on political topics immediately alienated 50% of the population in the USA. So my political stuff is limited to public policy where my liberal Democratic viewpoint becomes no secret. And so in the right margin on my website at the bottom, the topics range from humor to books to history to economic policy to PASTA recipes & more!!! But from a post every two weeks, I went to every three weeks, to once a month & now once every other month. Each post, start to finish, takes me 12 hours. I now find it a burden in the balance of my life with other priorities. And yet it has been such a joy & I have learned so much & met so many people like you! Some amazing things have come out of it….editing two poetry books in English by a Dutch author & meeting her for lunch in 2016 with my wife in Amsterdam at the start of a Rhine river cruise. And it all started with my first post which was really a newspaper column/commentary that I wrote & was published in a New Jersey newspaper. I hope you found this interesting talk. Thanks for listening! And thanks for the “Like” on my “8th PastaPost” & your comment! Phil

        Liked by 3 people

  2. Very nice post . Simple to understand , energetic to encourage. Thanks a ton.
    Few lines : You look great while sitting with dog,
    Either it is sunny or it is fog,
    Loving these creatures gives a peace of mind,
    What you do defines humankind.
    Long live your love with these beautiful pets,
    May God bless you with thousands of sunsets. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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