Guest Blog Post: Step-by-Step Story Writing Tips by Austin L. Wiggins

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Planting the seed for the first step can be the hardest — but it can be the start to wonderful things. Fellow blogger Austin L. Wiggins shares his process…

Guest Blog Post: “I Lost Focus and How I Gain It Back,” in Kally’s exact words

Blogger Kally offers tried and true advice for work.
Blogger Kally offers on-the-job advice.

Exhausted inside and out? From skin to soul? Blogger Kally, who currently lives in Kuala Lampur, shares how she found her way back to wholeness …


Exhausted without sleeping for anything more than 4 hours a day, physically and mentally I must admit I wasn’t ready to go through 7 months of sleepless nights. Oh, I don’t have a problem sleeping, if that is what you are thinking. Give me a room with soft pillows and queen sized bed, I’ll knock out as soon as you leave the room. My problem is the nightly feeds that I am fully in charge of. My little one feeds every 3 hours, hence the minute my body relaxes into the deep sleep, I am woken up by her hunger cries again.

Stubborn as I was, I’m still going on a full charge in accepting projects from my clients and handling housework on my own. At some point, I begin to lose focus. I went into the supermarket one day and totally forgotten what I need to buy. I nearly…

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Guest Blog Post: “Working from Home!” in Lori Greer’s exact words

Time management tips and encouragement help body, mind, and spirit. They’re essential for successful bloggers, writers, and sorts of home business workers. Blogger Lori Greer shares what works for her …

Fresh coffee and a laptop computer make working from home possible.
Learn to wrangle the clock so that working from home is fun! Photo from

Lori Greer in Portland

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Guest Blog Post: “One Place at a Time, One at a Time,” in Jeyran Main’s exact words

Going is as important as arriving. Blogger Jeyran has great ideas for here at da-AL’s blog for how to avoid multi-tasking brain freeze…

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Life is not a destination, it is a journey, and with that, you come across times where you have to make important choices. Many things get thrown at you forcing you to multi-task. In fact, you are praised for doing so. You brag about it, and the people around you nod agreeing with how super powerful you are. What you are completely oblivious about though is that you are damaging your inner soul. You are hurting yourself by pushing, forcing and insisting on finishing multiple jobs at the same time.

If you just stopped and this time I really mean STOP for just a minute, breath and then put everything down you would realize that your mind is going 300 km per hour. This engine is going to shut down soon, and no matter how many times you change its oil, the millage is going crazy.

You aren’t here on this planet to be running this hard or trying to accomplish many activities just to get it done. I am not just mentioning work, school, and parenting. I can discuss many other incidents. Have you ever been on holiday and all you have done is take photos? Run here take a shot then run there take another shot without spending a second to even look around you and enjoy the place you have paid to visit? Do you not eat your food faster while you are reading or checking your phone at the same time so that you can get more done in that small period? Are you nodding right now in agreement?

Let’s stop for a minute and not rush so much. Let’s accomplish things one place at a time, one moment at a time. Stop and look around you, the trees the air, the clouds, and breath in your surrounding. How about just letting go of everything and just lean back on the chair without doing anything at all? Take a break for a second and just realize what you are doing every day repeatedly is harming you. The last thing you want is to turn 80 and then wonder where your life went?

Taking a vacation once a year for two weeks is just not going to cut it; and I can easily tell you why — your body is too tired and cannot revive in just two weeks. Take a break every day and undertake things one at a time. Go to one place at a time.

Many meditate 15 minutes a day but if you don’t want to do that then just sit for 15 minutes every day without checking your phone, answering anyone’s request and thinking about what you are going to do next!

Written by Jeyran Main


Jeyran is a blogger, consumer reviewer, book editor, book promoter and a freelance book translator. Her website Review Tales demonstrates her thoughts, reflections and book reviews.