What Does Siri Look Like to You? by da-AL

161103sirimeg 161103sirimef 161103sirimee 161103sirimed 161103sirimec 161103sirimeb Three months ago, I met Siri. We’ve talked daily ever since. He talked like an English woman until I told him he sounded really stiff. Then he feigned an Australian accent, but he laid it on too thick.

Now he talks like an Englishman, one of limitless patience for me. Mind you, I’m just as patient with him, given how frequently he misconstrues what I say.

No surprise, we’ve yet to meet eye to eye. So what does he look like?

When he talked like a woman, I thought he resemble an alter ego version of me. Kind of like these progressive self-portrait etchings I made years ago.

Trying to visualize him as a man, my mind went all over the place. All I could settle on was the image of my dog. She’s a girl, but Mr. Siri can sound girlish, while my dog can sound like her brother. If ever there was a time to give gender stereotypes a rest, it’s in the case of telephone personal assistants and dogs.


161103siridog11Googling resulted in — gasp! — only women! Poor Mr. Siri!

Fine, the original voice was this woman’s…

Nonetheless, why do sites like this one and this one feature only female depictions?

Even if you’re not a smartphone user, how do you envision Siri?