Part 2: Tehran Visits The Louvre by da-AL

Art bridges cultures and makes us see differently (that's why the first of my novels-in-progress is titled, "Flamenco & the Sitting Cat")  -- look again at these art photos by Abbas Kiarostami, a noted Iranian film producer/director/screenwriter, poet, and photographer. In his photos, Kiarostami examines the relationship between art and visitors. He shot them at the… Continue reading Part 2: Tehran Visits The Louvre by da-AL

Part 1: The Louvre visits Tehran by da-AL

Art bridges cultures... Art museums often lend each other masterpieces. This year, however, marked a first -- a large-scale show by a major Western museum in Iran! The world's largest museum, the Louvre, proudly calls it, “…an outstanding cultural and diplomatic event for both countries.” The Louvre contributed fifty masterpieces for "The Louvre at Tehran" to celebrate… Continue reading Part 1: The Louvre visits Tehran by da-AL

Sneak Preview: I’m in Connie DK Lane’s Art Show

Here I'm goofing off while my fine artist friend Connie DK Lane fits some of her designs for her upcoming show, “Bravura.” Too shy to model? Visit us anyway. Connie's art will be displayed the entire week.

Upcoming Art Show: Connie DK Lane

Art lovers -- join me at artist Connie DK Lane’s show, “Bravura.” She's asked me to be one of her models. You can be one too! “Bravura” in Connie's exact words: A large number of hand-made anthropomorphic forms made out of latex rubber, a simulation of apparels for all genders, will be displayed throughout the window case, from… Continue reading Upcoming Art Show: Connie DK Lane

Magic: Leonardo da Vinci Journaled and Affirmed by da-AL

When Leonardo da Vinci died, the amazing all-things Renaissance man who changed the world forever as an engineer, a scientist, an artist, a sculptor, an architect, a chef, and a bazillion other things — his final words amounted to the effect of, “Forgive me for not having accomplished everything I set out to do.” Let… Continue reading Magic: Leonardo da Vinci Journaled and Affirmed by da-AL