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Lucky’s Amazing Story by Oriyomi Isaac

Photo of a mixed breed brown and white dog lying down on a matt.
Lucky lives in Lagos, Nigeria. His family takes good care of him.

How do dogs get along in Nigeria? Blogger Oriyomi Isaac explains his site: “I live in the most historical part (Lagos) of Nigeria. I want people to know about things that happen in my own part of the world.”

Stories and Football

Not Hostile

Unlike his predecessors, Lucky is not hostile. He tends to recognise a person when such person calls his name; kids in the neighbourhood often play with him and he does not bark unnecessarily.


Only God can watch over people but sometimes He could use a living thing. Lucky is always mild during the day and active by night. There were times when people broke into our shop which is front of our house and stole things, but Lucky would always bark at night anytime he sees someone approaching, so, we are always alerted.

Sometimes, I do wake up in the middle of the night to see if Lucky is getting himself a rest but he has never been asleep.

There was a time we thought about getting Lucky a companion. We actually did. My mother bought a little white male dog for him. One night, Lucky was…

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Guest Blog Post: “Give a Donation,” in bowaleXO’s exact words

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Guest Blog Post: “Why do I write?” in Akintunde Akinsola’s exact words

Why do you write? For me, within weeks of learning to hold an oversized pencil, I was using printed words to make sense of my six-year-old world. Akintunde Akinsola proudly teaches in SW Nigeria. His blog esteems and supports teachers, as well as highlights his photography …

Why Do I Write written into a notebook


Why do I write…? Thinking about this question, I believe I write because I want to express a part of myself which speech cannot fully portray. I love the prints. Reading comes easy. I am a man of few words. I love to listen and I love to read. I also believe writing is a lasting legacy of a man’s thought and ideas. It lives on long after he has passed on. Writing also to me is an embalming process. Preserving your thoughts for ages to come. I know my writing has the wings to travel far and reach more people than expressing my thoughts and ideas by speech which I do not want to force down on people but in a way helping to shape the world in a way I feel is right.

I am a teacher, a photographer. I love the arts. I love nature. I love…

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