Pro-Age Flamenco + AIDS + Iran + Books + Podcast: M. Alfieri on Story

Were you around to remember or hear about AIDS in the 1980s? Then or now, what’s your most potent impression?

Happy Nowrooz + D. Williams’ Memoir Tips + Podcast: Caz’s Can vs Can’t

When does Spring spring where you live?

Happy Persian New Year and we just got our 1st COVID-19 vaccines

Have you been immunized against COVID-19 yet? If so, which brand did you get, and how were your first days, and later?...

Happy New Year Everyone from da-AL

Let’s each of us Take a Chance on making this world a better place for ourselves and each other, hairy, scaly, feathered, muddy, and all the rest. Hope this makes you smile -- keep an eye out for Cher!…