Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) by da-AL

da-AL and her husband in Halloween 1970s disco costumes.

Get out your candy corn and candles and costumes! It’s Halloween and Dia de los Muertos aka Day of the Dead. Do you celebrate them?

Do Dogs Laugh and Smile? by da-AL

Whenever I look at this photo of my sweet doggie, it makes me smile back at her huge grin!

Photo of my black and white pitbull mix dog who's smiling.

Which animals have you seen smile? What made them laugh?

Guest Blog Post: “Five Across, Four Down,” in Sharon Lynne Bonin-Pratt’s exact words

Art by Sharon Lynne Bonin-Pratt
Art by Sharon Lynne Bonin-Pratt

Love words? So do I! No matter how hard we try to be precise though, verbal communication can be confusing. Here fellow blogger, Sharon Lynne Bonin-Pratt, shows us one example of how when we combine our actions with our words, magic can result…

Sharon Bonin-Pratt's Ink Flare

That which we encounter everyday should be that which we celebrate. That which we celebrate can be that which teaches us how better to do what we love. And that which we love can inspire us to write, even when we think our inspiration took off with the last Mongol invasion of Central Asia.

Crossword puzzles occupy a lot of my time, especially true in the last eight years. I don’t have an obsessive love of crosswords, but my mom always did. A pop-in visit to see my folks was as likely to be met with the urgently asked, “What’s a seven letter word for something important?” (gravity) as a heartfelt, “Glad you came by.” Right there, the beginning of a story for NaNoWriMo. Whose mom wants the right puzzle word more than a visit from her progeny? Yours, course. (Well, mine, but you know what I mean.) You thought…

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Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum! When Playing Computer Games Helps Everyone by da-AL

Playing Sea Hero Quest helps scientists learn about dementia.
Playing Sea Hero Quest helps scientists learn about dementia.

Ahoy Cap’n! Ahoy Mateys! Pirates all of us, navigating the sometimes treacherous waters of life, let us set our sails on helping scientists steer us away from dementia!

This game has me hooked (Yo! Ho! Ho!) because its FUN and its FREE. Better still, it makes me feel virtuous for fiddling with my phone. Every time any of us downloads and plays it, we help everyone!

The game tracks how we navigate memory and learning. This video explains it way better:

Their website to download the game.

Thoughts on games, dementia, altruism or anything else? Please share below.

My dogs would rather play than eat, sleep, or even cuddle by da-AL

Open mouthed glee is infectious.

My youngest black dog clearly laughs with joy at being tickled by a new playmate. I can’t help but laugh along whenever I look at this photo.

If you were a dog, but had opposable thumbs, what kind of social media would you use?