105! Oh my! Happy birthday, Sam Sachs, update with new video by da-AL

Sam Sachs on his 105th birthday! Screenshot from CityTVLakewoodCA video.
Sam Sachs on his 105th birthday! Screenshot from CityTVLakewoodCA video.

Hurray! Sam Sachs’ 105 birthday, which I first posted about here, was a massive success in every way. His birthday last Sunday, was a bit different due to COVID19 (here and here and here and here and here and here are some posts that might cheer you through this crisis). As of that morning, according to the Long Beach Post News, the retired high school teacher and celebrated WWII vet received over 6,200 birthday cards from all over the United States and probably other countries too.

Seventy-six years ago, in nothing but a glider, a.k.a. a “flying coffin,” pulled by an airplane, he landed with other soldiers behind German lines to help liberate a Nazi internment camp! For his bravery, Sachs was recently inducted into the French Legion of Honor.

Lt. Col. Sam Sachs fought in WWII.
Lt. Col. Sam Sachs fought in WWII.

The mayor of where Sachs was born, Grand Forks, North Dakota, proclaimed Sunday in his honor. U.S. President Donald Trump sent a dozen Army National Guard members with a laudatory letter, a photo, and a framed flag.

News coverage came from all over the place, in addition to my own posts and shares. There were so many greetings from Southern California-area politicians, among them Lakewood’s Mayor Todd Rogers. Here’s a full account by Lakewood’s news…

Over the days preceding Sachs’ special day, fancy decorated vehicles, old and new, private and public, paraded past and over his house. That included low riders, collectors, a Los Angeles County fire truck, sheriff’s cars, and a sheriff’s helicopter.

Sachs promises he’ll do his best to be around for us to help him celebrate his 106!

On the day of his birthday, Sachs thanked one and all amid a front-yard filled with hundreds of donated American mini-flags.

“I had no idea what to expect … This is magical.”

Presents from strangers arrived too, such as how one man dropped off $50! Ivonne Meader, the owner of the senior care home, noted that the event offered folks a chance “to be part of something special.”

When’s the last time you mailed kind thoughts to someone? Do it right now to do a good deed, plus support the United States Postal Service. Out of stamps? Set out an envelope marked “U.S. Postmaster” for your carrier (neither postage on it nor a handling fee required) with your check inside with instructions regarding your order — or order online. President Trump wants to do away with the USPS, yet without it we’ll be at the mercy of private companies setting rates and deciding whether small towns and hard to reach places are profitable enough to service…

63 thoughts on “105! Oh my! Happy birthday, Sam Sachs, update with new video by da-AL

  1. This is absolutley awesome! What a wonderful celebration for this amazing man. Thank you for making your readers aware of his story and allowing us to participate by sending him well-wishes.

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  2. Wonderful story Da-Al. Thank you for telling us about this veteran’s 105th Birthday. to be around for a long time among generations of family and also have your intelligence intact, what a blessing for him and those around.


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  3. As for the possible loss of the US Postal system – an absolutely criminal idea that will isolate rural burgs and folks who live off the grid. And of course, it will make mail-in voting impossible.Be careful as you read this – it might catch on fire.

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  4. I’m thrilled Sam had his special day, even if it was a bit different than first imagined. Of course I sent him a card. But you started something with me and I’m pursuing it with my temple sisterhood group. We plan to send hello-how-are-you-doing cards to the seniors who live in a nearby assisted living residence. The Covid lock down is extremely hard on them. Many facilities are locking down so tightly that NO ONE who is not a caregiver or medical worker is allowed entrance. In some places, seniors are “locked” in their rooms, forbidden to come out without supervision, have all their meals brought to their door, and aren’t allowed to see family except through windows. They’re bored, lonely, and confused. So I started a writing campaign beginning with my 5 aunts and uncles who are still alive. And I’m extending the mailed cards to those folks who I personally know who are living in senior residences, just so they know they haven’t been forgotten.

    I’m so pleased to be a tiny part of Sam Sach’s birthday. You started something very sweet, Daal, and I’m sending a big hug to you.

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    • HI Sharon, This is a great idea… I own two Assisted LIving Homes and you are correct, our residents are in lock down and a card would cheer them up… If you want to go one step beyond, I belong to an Association of owners of Assisted Living Homes, and I can get you the names of the residents, so you can make the cards personalized… Let me know and I can start by giving you the names of my residents 🙂 (12 total between 85 to 105 years old)

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  5. Wow, this is incredible, De-Al. Thank you for sharing. Do you live in Long Beach, southern California? Oh wow, I live in Orange county. We’re practically neighbors, considering we have boogers all over the world.

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  6. Thanks so much for this update! I am delighted he had such a good day. One of those 6,200 cards came from Canada , from me. What a great tribute to this man. Thanks da-AL for giving us a heads up on Sam Sachs 105th.

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