U.K. Castles n Mushy Peas: Harlech, Conwy, Penrith, Ullswater by da-AL

Our visit to the United Kingdom was studded with castles, each well worth a stop. We were on our way to see Harlech Castle, Conwy Castle, and then to overnight in Penrith with a look at Ullswater.

On my way to Harlech Castle.

Our vacation began in London, where we enjoyed the British Museum here and here and here. We left with a rented car and were almost accustomed to driving (my husband) and riding (me) on the ‘wrong’ side only inches from England’s gorgeous stone-walled roads by the time we reached Bath. We admired Avebury, then a little of Wales on the route to Stokesay Castle, and later we would be awed by the Kelpies of Scotland.

Even this black dog admires the sights.

Harlech Castle in Harlech, Wales, a World Heritage Site, is categorized by UNESCO as one of “the finest examples of late 13th-century and early 14th-century military architecture in Europe.” Enormous, it offers grand views…

The panoramic views from Harlech Castle are impressive…
…even on a cloudy day.
The city of Harloch is lovely…
…including when you see it…
…from here with my honey.

It was time for lunch. A short drive further up the coast, we stopped in the city of Conwy for fish and chips fried in beef fat for Khashayar, and mushy peas (marrowfat peas cooked down to mush — a love-it or hate-it staple throughout the U.K.) with vegan gravy for me. Conwy is a walled market town in the north of Wales. After the filling meal, we strolled the nearby river and marveled at the Conwy Castle’s exterior. Writer/TV personality/activist Rick Steves offers a fascinating view of the interior. UNESCO calls Conwy Castle one of “the finest examples of late 13th-century and early 14th-century military architecture in Europe.”

Conwy Castle is worth a visit…
…and so is the region around it.

We spent the night in Penrith, Cumbria, a market town with more sights than we could take in. Exhausted and the evening late, we checked into a beautiful bed and breakfast, glad to find an attractive room with a scenic window. Once settled, we strolled to what must have been a theater at one time. Whatever it was, it’s now the biggest Indian food restaurant I’ve ever seen!

Elaine, Richard, and Dora are terrific hosts.

That following morning, our hosts, Elaine and Richard plus their lovely Dora, charmed us with their kindness. Their extensive English breakfast equally accommodated my meat-lover husband and my veggie self.

Ullswater is a quick twenty-minute drive away, so we enjoyed a nine-mile ride along the lake. It’s the second largest lake in the English Lake District. Here’s a video by someone else of the boat jaunt we took.

Rain or shine, a ride down Ullswater is fun.

What’s your fave region in the U.K.?

37 thoughts on “U.K. Castles n Mushy Peas: Harlech, Conwy, Penrith, Ullswater by da-AL

  1. Fish & chips fried in beef fat? I’ve never come across a chippy that does that but I’m oddly intrigued how that tastes! Nom nom. Sadly I’ll never like mushy peas, I see it as an insult to the humble and delicious petit pois!

    The UK has a lot of awesome castles. I’ve not actually been to any of these so it’s great to get to go on your adventures with you. I went to Warwick Castle a few years ago and that was pretty cool. Wales is still on my ‘to visit’ list as I can only say I’ve been to Cardiff so far and there’s a lot there I’d love to explore. Amazing photos – you’ve done well with the panoramic shots, such a good idea. Oh technology, what would we do without you?! 😄
    Caz xx

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  2. I was able to spend several weeks in Wales at the University in Bangor between high school and college. Loved the experience, though the camera wasn’t working so not a single photo survived. Harlech Castle is built the way we think a castle should look – just look at any fifth grader’s drawing of a castle and Harlech will appear, even if they’ve never seen it. Reminds me of all the Mary Stewart books about Merlin, Arthur, and Guinevere. I’ve been told that England has more Indian restaurants than India, though I don’t know if that’s true. Thank you for this lovely tour – I could do without mushy peas.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. You may have visited more than me. Definitely wales. Because it is so green. The lake district is a but like that too. But wales has more history too. Like the castles:)

    I hope you are doing okay…

    Love, light, and glitter

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  4. Oohh this brings back memories … from a year when I went to Cornwall and Wales with a friend of mine. I agree with UNESCO, both castles are very impressive … 😉 😀 , though, if I remember correctly, Conwy castle was smaller, but better preserved. From the castle wall we tried to take a photo of a Bobby down at the street crossing, directing the traffic. But he had spotted us and did his best not to get his face into our direction … 😉 … and, very memorable, we saw Jungle book in the cinema in original language, that was a completely different experience.

    My favourite region? That is hard to answer … I love Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Northumberland and the Lake District, but Cornwall and Wales were quite enchanting too, and then my great favourite Scotland, all of it … 😉

    Liked by 3 people

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