Blog Tips, Free Mind Body Apps, 1st Youtube Ever by da-AL

Juggling writing my novels, blogging, and daily life is a huge challenge. This week I (sort of) chunked the task of researching the business end of blogging. That voyage into Google-ville unearthed a meandering myriad of fascinating stuff worth sharing with you…

This Aboriginal woman of Australia’s NPY region may be listening to Smiling Mind’s free meditation app in English or Pitjantjatjara or Ngaanyatjarra!

Blogging: In most any timezone, folks check their social media on weekdays, around lunchtime. According to these statistics gathered by Sprout Social, most of us bloggers are wisest to post mid-week, mid-morning. Forget about posting on weekends.

Social media: Trendwatchers at Pew Research Center report that everyone everywhere is increasing their social media engagement. Among all ages, Facebook is used most and most frequently, with Youtube gaining behind them.

Mind: “The greatest gift you can give to people is your full attention,” according to the Australian guy on Smiling Mind. Meditation, mindfulness, stress relief, call it what you will — everyone tells us we need it. Smiling Mind coaches us to do just that, in English and even in Aboriginal languages! — no credit card required to upload it and use its free version indefinitely!

Body: Mindfulness can help us stay fit — MyFitnessPal tracks and calculates our eating, nutrition, and activity. No credit card required to use its gratis edition forever.

1st YouTube: Ever wonder about it? Ta-da! Here it is, originally uploaded on April 23, 2005…

Anti-Viral Dog: Crisis brings out the worst — and the best! — in us, like how whoever kindly made this video wanted us to smile…

What are your best blogging hacks and fave truly free apps?

22 thoughts on “Blog Tips, Free Mind Body Apps, 1st Youtube Ever by da-AL”

  1. Lately my Facebook entries have provided impetus for my blog postings. My favorite apps are travel related like and Triposo. Unfortunately like many of us, I’m stuck at home now with the Corona panic

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  2. Thanks for the blogging tip !! … I will keep it in mind as I tend to post on weekends or the evening, it’s all wrong …

    … “yuka” is an app helping you choose what food to buy and not to buy

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    1. Btw, Rosaliene, would much appreciate if you let us know whether posting on a different day makes a difference for you in terms of views


  3. A mindfulness app, I like it! I don’t really use apps, because I don’t have a smart phone, but I use Youtube and instagram on my laptop, and I use free picture editing software called GNU. I dare say it has the same features as Photoshop. I do 5-elements-Qigong with a Youtube video.

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