It’s OK to Be Alone on Valentine’s Day by R.K.B.

Blogger/poet/writer/daydreamer R.K.B.

Is there a certain day that you least enjoy spending alone? Valentine’s Day is meant to be about love — let’s start with ourselves! It’s only a day — only one day — as are all days — wise reminders from guest blogger/ poet/ daydreamer/ writer R.K.B. …

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Lonely-WomanYou won’t die. It’s not the end of the world, but I know it feels like it.

I get it. This day might even cause you to become depressed every year.

This year, let’s change that.

You are still worthy. 

You are not worthless. 

You have love, because you love yourself.

I know, it sucks because you might want to know what it feels like to be spoiled on this day. Or maybe, you just would like to know what it feels like to be acknowledged and told that you are beautiful. Sure, you can take yourself on a date and get all dressed up, but you’d want to know the feeling of having someone else to appreciate it and share it with.

I get that, too.

This isn’t your typical, feel-good post about how “loving yourself will cure all wounds,” because even though that is true, nobody really wants…

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19 thoughts on “It’s OK to Be Alone on Valentine’s Day by R.K.B.”

  1. This is such an important post. When I was young, I always believe that I’d die if I spend Valentine’s Day alone, like a loser. As older I matured, I realized that I could have done away some of the meaningless relationships.

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  2. Thank you for sharing!!… no matter the day, one is alone only when one wishes to be, “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” ― (Roy T. Bennett) … 🙂

    A Happy Valentines day to you and yours, da-AL!!.. and hope the day, and every day, is filled with love and happiness… 🙂
    May flowers always line your path
    and sunshine light your way,
    May songbirds serenade your
    every step along the way,
    May a rainbow run beside you
    in a sky that’s always blue,
    And may happiness fill your heart
    each day your whole life through.
    May the sun shine all day long
    Everything go right, nothing go wrong
    May those you love bring love back to you
    And may all the wishes you wish come true
    (Irish Saying)

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  3. This modern secular holiday was spun off of a Saints Day to give recognition to living a humble and contrite life for the Lord not for a commercialized pumped up on steroids day of nonsense about what love is and who has it. There is only one genuine absolute love which is that which comes from God Himself and no person is capable of providing the actual love another person needs; and this whole ritual is way overblown now. I’ve been alone on St. Valentine’s Day many a time and it’s actually perfect to be free of foolish man-made contrivances or BS to play the games that people play. I’m the same alone on this day as I am on any of the other 364 days of the year because I know what matters and where I’m going when I leave this life and that is all that really matters when we cut through all the layers of human contrivance!
    I’m sure this comment won’t be clear enough to some who may happen to focus their eyes upon it, so for you I say read my Blog for this day; and then perhaps it will become more evident to you after reading it where I’m coming from.

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      1. When a person says that he or she isn’t religious in my view that person places his or her self in grave danger of saying that he or she is above divinity of any kind; in other words they know better than any Supreme Being or Creator. We can call this atheism and total denial of supreme intelligence and power in all of existence which on its face is preposterous to think as a mere little earthling person that he or she knows enough to state the blatantly obvious that humans know so little in the vast sea of what there is to know, yet inexplicably can draw a conclusion that is absolutely impossible to do. I’ve spoken to atheists and they continually say keep trying to prove to me that there is a God, and they continually reject all that is said to them to point out specifics that speak to the feasibility that God does exist and has given humanity built in evidence of such. I say to them who reject God; then the onus is on you to prove to me that there isn’t one, if they insist that there isn’t. Much more evidence exists that there absolutely is than any that proves the contrary. Even Albert Einstein stated to another physicist during a group discussion of “The Big Bang” when that scientist stated that with enough “random events” in that preexistence or beginning of the whole universe it just happened, to which Einstein was reported to have said, ah yes my friend but, “God doesn’t roll dice.” Also, Einstein was quoted as saying in reference to a Supreme Being in other conversations, not discounting God outright by calling or referring to God as, “The Old One.” But, this is what I say in passing, only because there is a mountain of evidence and knowledgeable verified documentation, vis-a-vis theology and historical record that demonstrates clearly the greater truth that God exists and is not going to disappear because groups of humans are defiant and choose to reject God outright unless it’s put right in their face that God is as real as the air you and I breath. And, as you and anyone will admit after some careful thought, that seeing is not always believing, as well, not all that exists can be seen. I told a young woman once out in California who was brought up a Christian but had never really sincerely searched her faith out and then eventually tossed it aside to just believe science and the secular man-made perspectives on what this life is all about. I then asked her what if she is wrong, and the many others that see it the way she was at that time, if it were to turn out they are all completely wrong and when they die their actual soul or essence of who they are is faced with meeting a Supreme Being who says to them you had no faith and now you gain nothing, but are sent into oblivion! I went on to say wouldn’t it be much wiser and intelligent to say I would rather take out an insurance policy just like we do for countless other actions or man-made situations to protect our material assets and well-being, so as to have some assurance that when we die if we are faced with God we are welcomed as being wise and humble enough to admit we didn’t know it all and was willing to at least work on the prospect of God really existing, and having a plan? In other words if we do that when we do meet the Creator we will hear, good then you have tried to work on this matter of accepting the whole truth, and know then you are welcome. After all, we don’t have the foreknowledge and superiority to tell the State that we reject having auto liability insurance (owning responsibility for our actions) because we know of our own accord we will never have an accident, so therefore insurance is a waste of time and money to be concerned with! If we do that there will be penalties, and one potentially being a loss of the privilege to operate a motor vehicle, especially if an accident does occur! I say too, that people who reject outright that the potentiality of God being real, is more like being worse off than putting oneself above such a Divine Creator and being like a Chinese Communist atheist with absolutely no interest in anything of the kind, and who only is seeking more control and power over anyone they can exert it over. This is something worth addressing in my humble opinion.
        I would like to state un-categorically that the flipside or flipped-out side of this is that, today way too many individuals are into Mysticism, New Age, Designer Religions, which are all not of God but are man-made simply contrived falsehoods with built in agendas not the least of which is to run people into the precipice away from God, making them much more dangerous than historical religion based on thousands of years of history and prophecy.
        I’ll stick with the mountain of evidence and all of the greater minds than my own who over the ages now have been able to decipher the many resources available; to have the most plausible reason for our being here in the first place, before rejecting anything that could be the most beneficial of reasons for me to carry on. But, in conclusion I do believe in God, wholeheartedly.
        Sorry about such a long reply but this is an extremely vital matter in my mind and heart!


      2. It’s me again; guess what came to me just after sending you that long message! It came from someone who doesn’t follow me nor me her blog or hadn’t until now because she liked a comment I made on one of her connections. I won’t elaborate except to say that God does work in mysterious ways and I thought of you immediately after I read this blog and had cried. I hope you get something very special from it too!


  4. A very positive guest blog, da-AL, thanks for sharing. Here comes one of my “when I was young …” sentences … but the truth is, that Valentine’s Day was not celebrated back then, neither in the north of Germany nor in Scandinavia. it is getting more and more popular now though. We still don’t celebrate it. We try to show our love every day, because …
    “If tomorrow never comes
    Will she know how much I loved her?
    Did I try in every way
    To show her every day that
    She’s my only one?”

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