Guest Blog Post: The Tao of RELATIONSHIP by Bryan Wagner

Communication is not easy. Whether I’m listening, reading, looking… all my interactions are colored by my perspective that’s shaped by my present and past. Sometimes my simplest, most straight-forward conversations are with my dear doggie.

Who do you interact with most easily? Blogger/writer Bryan Wagner presents workshops on Zen, Tao, and Shamanism. Here’s his take on relationships…

Bryan Wagner and a friend spending quality time together.

“The Tao of RELATIONSHIP” by Bryan Wagner

Communion is creating and embracing an emotional, spiritual, sharing of each other.

We can enter a state of communion if we are present and each of us has the desire, openness, and willingness to remain so. 

We can also use that willingness of communication to build a more intimate exchange that leaves traces of each participant within the other. That is the act of communion. Communion is not just language and sharing. Communion is a process further than language, it is the art of complete communication in the moment. Genuine communion happens when things move between those in relationship that is grounded in the awareness of the moment.

I believe that the sharing of emotional content is important to the state of being in communion. That means to express emotional, non-verbal content, and then allow the receiver to process it in whatever form that action takes.

Communion happens inter-species because spoken language is only a very small part of communion. Some of my happiest moments are in communion with animals. I think in part because they are aware and painfully honest in how they respond. Being with animals has the effect of clearing the detritus and fog from my thinking and reference frame on life. I engage in the state of love so readily with animals!

I honor and value those that I commune with and actively seek out building those relationships that offer that place of intimacy. I encourage people to embrace the idea of communing with others and seek those relationships out in their own lives.

Today I will spend some time communing with Spike and P’nut and a horse named Anastasia. I can’t think of a better way to share life. – Bryan Wagner

Who do you interact with most easily?

30 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: The Tao of RELATIONSHIP by Bryan Wagner

  1. I interact the most easily with my mother and my son, Michael. Greg, my older son, and I can clash as we are just to similar and Terence, my husband, and it also don’t always see things the same way and doesn’t always understand why I need to vent about things when he doesn’t. An interesting post.

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  2. Again a very interesting guest post, da-AL, great thought provoking words. For me communicating and communion do not depend on being of the same mind or opinion, but on a basic trust and goodwill. Feeling comfortable with people without words, is not easy, as many people feel awkward being with somebody without talking. In this way, just feeling good in each other’s energy, I commune best with my husband, my best friend, most cats and some dogs … oh, and some birds, I seem to attract parrots and cockatoos.

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  3. Thank you for sharing!!.. who do I interact with easily?.. anyone with an open mind and heart and are willing to listen and share… 🙂

    “Life gives us brief moments with another, but sometimes in those brief moments we get memories that last a lifetime, So live that your memories will be part of your happiness.” (Author Unknown).

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  4. I commune with my father. We started to connect more recently. And I’m so happy about it because I’ve never felt a connection with him previously.

    I commune with my son. I wish we could talk more but I’m grateful for what we already have. Hopefully, we’ll only build our connection from there.

    And I also have a great relationship with a colleague. We spend two hours each week discussing our business and these talks are a source of joy for me.

    Thank you for the article.

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