Lessons in Novel Writing Rejection by Lynn Love

How do you deal with rejection? Whether you’re a fellow novelist — or you adore reading fiction as much as I do — or simply you too are human — at some point we all experience disappointment and frustration.

Here, while I take time off to complete my upcoming novel, “Flamenco & the Sitting Cat,” Lynn Love opens her heart to us. This is how she keeps rejection from getting the better of her novel writing…

Word Shamble

Image: Pixabay

Writing novels is a strange way to spend your life.

You take months (in my case, years) working alone on a project then there comes a point – if you want your baby to develop, to grow and not remain swaddled to your over-protective breast forever – when you must push what you’ve made into the world and watch from a safe distance to see if it will fall on its face or walk, perhaps even run.

But what if it manages to both face plant and saunter cockily round the block on the same day?

A few weeks ago, I learned I’d come second in a Writing Magazine competition (more on that nearer publication day). My prize was either a modest amount of cash or a critique of 9,000 words.

Now, as I’m a writer with heaps of artistic integrity and a yearning to polish my craft…

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21 thoughts on “Lessons in Novel Writing Rejection by Lynn Love”

  1. I can imagine her dancing in the kitchen, fist bumping the air … 😉 🙂

    My husband had similar experiences. The reviews were basically all positive, but nobody wanted to publish the book. Only one of the people, who rejected his manuscript took the time to let him know, what she thought could and should be improved. Her advice was very helpful and made his book a better one. Thanks to all those reviewers in publishing houses, who take the time to give valuable feedback to writers!

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  2. Ooo this looks good, will check it out now. Thanks for the post recommendation. How’s the novel coming along? Wishing you all the very best with it, da-AL. I know you’ll knock it out of the park and it’ll be awesome! xx

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  3. ♡ I Totally Accept, I Totally Trust; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity to Me that ALL is for Me No Matter How I Feel About Being UnComfortable


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