Part 1 of 3: British Museum (plus silly video) by da-AL

The British Museum is amazing!!! Join my husband and me for the eye-opening stroll we enjoyed…

The British Museum’s outside isn’t nearly as interesting as its inside.

During this vacation, we visited jam-packed London, Bath, Avebury Henge, Stokesay Castle, Harlech and Conwy and Penrith and Ullswater, and the Kelpies of Scotland. The British Museum (here’s Part 2 and Part 3 of our trip to see it) is best known for the Rosetta Stone that helped scholars decipher ancient Egypt’s hieroglyphic writing. Here’s the front of it at another site. So dense was the crowd that I could only snap these photos…

Rosetta stone from the back.
Rosetta stone from the side.

There’s much of the relief sculpture from the Parthenon, a Greek temple finished in 438 BC. (Btw, ever visited Tennessee’s Parthenon, from 1897?)…

My fave art at the Parthenon’s frieze is on the left, wearing a llama t-shirt…
The Parthenon frieze is huge! This is only a small portion.

On it, the faces of hunters are differentiated by their postures, rather than by their features…

Galloping around the Parthenon…
Sacrificial animals on the frieze weren’t thrilled about their lot.
Iris, the winged messenger goddess, roomed at the Parthenon.

The British Museum’s collection is overwhelming. We only had time to see a smattering of it…

Clay mastiffs warded off devils and demons in about 645 BC, northern Iraq.
This god has appreciated his mastiff’s protection from evil since 800-700 BC, in southern Iraq.
Lely’s Venus (Aphrodite) does what she can to stay strategically covered. She’s a copy from 1st or 2nd AD.
Compared to lots of other items at the British Museum, these poker-style game cards from Iran, are freshly minted — they’re from 1800-1900.
This protective spirit lost his sheaf of twigs. Palace of Sargon II, Khorsabad, Iraq, 710-705 BC.

After the museum, we meandered across the street — where a gift shop offered a different type of show…

What’s the silliest thing you’ve seen in or around a museum?…

57 thoughts on “Part 1 of 3: British Museum (plus silly video) by da-AL”

  1. Hi – love your pics from the British Museum. I was there a couple of months ago & it got a bit out of hand. My wife & daughter gave up & left me after 2 hours. I was there for another 4 and barely scratched the surface. Most of it was spent looking at Greek stuff due to accidentally starting to write a novel based around the time of the Trojan War. Here’s my post if you’re interested:

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      1. Thanks – it’s had a strange genesis and production, essentially 30 chapters (so far) of a story generated by way of monthly writing prompts. Initially I had no idea that a) I was writing a novel & b) where it was going. I’ve kind of got it under control now but there’s still about 10 chapters to go and anything could happen!

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  2. I’m ashamed to say (please don’t tell anyone) of the five times I’ve been to London, I’ve never gone into the British Museum. It’s almost sacrilegious, since I love museums (my guy, not so much). We hope to fly over the pond again within the year, and I will insist that we spend hours there. Your photos and text are wonderful.

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