Jam-Packed London, England by da-AL

London, England, is a sprawling city packed with everything from art and food to shopping and royalty. The transit system is terrific, so for the few days that my husband and I visited, we let our feet guide our itinerary. A city of immigrants, the bed and breakfast we stayed at in the Shoreditch district was run by a New York couple. Our first morning began with a view from their balcony…

Many of its most famed sights are near each other, a riot of shopping, eating, history, theater, and even China Town, all walking distance of each other. It had been ages since we saw our dear cousin Giulia, Italian by birth and now a Londoner (read about her beloved mom here)…

We had a fabulous time with her brother, cousin Stefano (2nd from right) and his friend, Federico, who was visiting from Italy…

The Victoria Memorial is at the end of The Mall road…

Just around the corner, we happened onto an unexpected marvelous reprieve from our travels — classical musicians practicing at St Martin-in-the-Field church…

Rain didn’t dampen the abundance of lovely sights…

Our night ended with a spectacular view!

Here’s a little more about our wonderful vacation to the United Kingdom.

Have you been to London? What impressed you most, or what would you like to see there?

68 thoughts on “Jam-Packed London, England by da-AL

  1. You two have become world travelers in the past year and I get to benefit. Thank you for photos, many showing sites I’ve never seen before, and for insightful commentary about family, friends, and other countries. So much fun to “travel” with you, Daal.

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  2. What a lovely post. Back in the 1980’s I lived in London and only go back to visit now and then. The last time was to see some lovely friends from the States who were visiting. There’s so much to see. I am glad you had a lovely visit. Xx

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  3. I went to London in October – it’s one of my favorite cities (also NY, Paris and Rome…)
    It was a short trip but we had a wonderful time. Walked all around, met some friends, ate and shopped, went to a few museums….

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  4. I love London – and next to San Francisco and Florence and Boston, it’s one of my favorite cities. My guy and I have visited London about six times and can’t wait to return. What I like most about it? We find London to be a very walkable city. We usually stay at a hotel near Hyde Park (where we can use “points”) and then walk for hours to every part of the city, from Harrods to small tea rooms and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Your photos are fabulous. Looks like you had a fantastic visit.

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  5. I have to ask, why does your husband only order off the secret menu? Does he know something everybody else doesn’t? What truths are hiding behind the average menu? Enquiring minds want to know.

    Seriously though, I love the video you captured of your first morning in Shoreditch. I am only sad the technology did not exist back in my younger days to bring home living memories I can revisit the same way.

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