Guest Blog Post: dissociative identity disorder by Mike (And the gang)

Disclaimer: I know virtually nothing about Dissociative identity disorder (DiD). How about you?

Thanks to Mike and his inner family’s courageous blog (which includes informative posts like this), I’ve gratefully gained a bit of awareness. Perhaps you, dear reader, will take the time to learn too…

Mike (And the gang) blog from the Northeast U.S.. They say of their site: “We live with Dissociative Identity Disorder. We are a close-knit family system whose mission is to educate and entertain others about the reality of what it means to live with DiD. We invite you to our website and to learn more about us! You can interact us with there, as well, if you like. Most in our family love making new friends.”

According to them, “…every human on Earth has multiple personalities. We all talk to ourselves; Have internal dialogues.”

In trying to understand, I asked what they thought of this mainstream online definition of DiD. They answered, “The descriptions of DiD are always…”Sterile.” Describing DiD from a medical perspective is completely different from the subjective experiencing of it. While science claims that alters are defense mechanisms, living with alters and becoming them – they aren’t defense mechanisms. They are individuals with their own thoughts, feelings, agendas, and disposition(s). It’s much more complicated and delicate than what’s being described in medically sterile terms….1% of the population? We would say those numbers are wrong, a bit high. Many people who claim to have DiD are actually misdiagnosed by doctors who don’t understand the disorder. Also, many therapists will erroneously suggest DiD or alters to a patient.”

Mike (And the gang)’s daughter, Katy Mae, describes the experience of a dominant split, “which can be a terrifying and mystifying experience to have,” here…

Image by Mike (And the gang) of Kayleigh with her pigtails in.

“Streetlights” by Katy Mae

Streetlights pass but time stands still; Mouths move but with no sound,

There are no longer, my memories, to hold on to; Disappeared in the night.

Not able to shiver, not able to cry,

This night is different but there have been many like it.

A blank stare, a whisper in the night,

lights pass in the night; Mouths move but there aren’t words -Just noise.

Who are we now, with no destination; no place to call home,

red lights pass in a blur; my own comfort to a place unknown.

There are no longer dreams, no more nightmares in this place

memories slip away while faster cars pass.

Who are we now and why must we go,

another stop away from nowhere.

The radio plays, my favorite song whose title I can’t recall,

not that it matters; My former life is now gone.

Replaced with a ghost whose name no one knows,

There’s no time to breathe, no time to whisper for help.

No longer awake, no longer asleep; Who are we now?

life, oh life, it comes to a halt while I still breathe.

Where are we now; I’ve forgotten my name again,

remember it, whoever I become; Whom I fear the most.

No one to hug as we travel alone in our world; This cold, lonely place,

still someone speaks; Still, just noise and static.

I’d rather stare ahead and forget who I am becoming,

please don’t stop; The passing lights are an illusion of escape.

Who are we now and where are we going; your voice has changed,

the sun is rising and I can’t remember my name,

How did I end up in this cold dark car,

and why with you; Who are you?

23 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: dissociative identity disorder by Mike (And the gang)


    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    Energetic Forms come in Many Shapes and Sizes EveryOne; for example:

    ♡ The Highest Forms ARE Love and Money
    ♧ Clubbing – Then EveryThing In Between – Clubbing
    ♤ The Lowest Forms ARE MisManaging Money and Lacking Love

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇



    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ♧ Clubbing – Mental Attitude, Mental Fortitude, Mental MindSet ARE ALL ways of Describing What’s Going On In Our Heads – Clubbing; so:

    ♡ Positive means UnReasonable Expectation and Resentment
    ♤ Negative means Lowered Expection and Acceptance
    ◇ Balance is Working like a Battery and Getting The Best of Both Worlds by Being the Negative and the Positive

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇



  2. It is a disorder that I have a hard time to wrap my head around. We watched a British documentary about two girls living together, who both had that disorder. Everyday life becomes a struggle – but also an adventure, it seems. However, they were lucky to have found each other. I mean they at least have one person, who understands what is going on. I will definitely check out Mike and the family’s site! Thank you for presenting them!

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    • The living nightmare part of DiD, is being misdiagnosed for a couple of decades. We went almost 40 years undiagnosed and that’s the hell part of it.

      Once you discover each other, the nightmare is over and the healing begins. For all the exhausting, frightening and terrifying times there is living with DiD, there is an equal amount of happiness, sheer awe and amazingly fun times to be had. It’s a balancing act.

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  3. Thank you so much, Da-Al for hosting The “Pretty Bug”s poem and our website. Thank you for calling us courageous. We will write something up about you on our soon as we post it we will let you know.

    You made Katy Mae’s heart skip – Thank you for being so kind to our family and a damn fined human being.

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  4. This is incredibly insightful, thank you for sharing it. “Describing DiD from a medical perspective is completely different from the subjective experiencing of it” – I wonder if that, and media portrayal, are partly why there’s still so much ignorance around DID, stigma and general lack of understanding. xx

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    • You have hit the nail on the head. Well done. “Portrayals” is a perfect word to us. Between that and the malingering that you encounter in the DiD world, makes for a very misinformed public and an even more stigmatized sufferer of DiD.

      Thank you for reading our Pretty Bug’s poem. 🙂 You’re lovely.

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