Missing Dear Mooshie Cat by da-AL

The world is better for having had Mooshie Cat in it.

Dear, dear Mooshie, you are sorely missed. Time with one’s loved ones is never long enough, but how very much I wish I’d had just one more time with you to say goodbye, to thank you for being such an incredible little mate.

You were the spiritual mother of my husband. I know this because you took your self-appointed role quite seriously. That first meeting, you signaled to my soul-mate that he was yours. You reached your arm clear to your armpit, past the shelter cage bars, to swat at him. Repeatedly. Moreover, you sent your angel/employee (who also worked for Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA), to urge us that your days were numbered.

You arrived home cuddled in my honey’s arms. You lay in his lap for hours, your locomotive purring tireless. As soon as you made it clear that you were family, you’d stand on your hind legs to slam a hefty (albeit with claws sheathed) kangaroo one-two punch at your sister, whenever your human son would pet her for even a second.

Now your spirit, whether in heaven or reincarnated, must be playing soccer. You’d command your ‘son” (you considered me a lousy player) to lob crumpled paper balls your way, for you to whack-whack-whack them across the room and back to him.

Eventually, you graduated to batting crickets — then mice — then small birds. I doubt our local tiny critters mourns your loss as we do. Your later choice to retire to my mother’s bed must have cause them to celebrate. Not so for my mother’s gentleman cat who you evicted from his formerly cozy stead.

Until all but the last few weeks of your seventeen-ish years, despite your loss of all but one tooth, your appetite was vigorous. From Cheerios and crackers to olives and cucumbers, you enjoyed everything so long as your beloved people dined on it too.

Your long-departed sister, for whom you had neither patience nor fondness,  allowed anyone to pet her. You, unlike her, saved your affection for just your intimates.

You made us feel truly special, dear Mooshie. You, our lovely girl, were the most special of cats. Rest in peace, beautiful soul.

Mooshie the Wonder Cat.

Dear reader, here and here and here is more about Mooshie. Do you have a non-human friend you miss a lot?

56 thoughts on “Missing Dear Mooshie Cat by da-AL

  1. Such a beautiful tribute. I have always felt sorry for those who have never had a pet in their lives. Our pets give us wonderful memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Your tribute is a testimony to that.

    I’ve had pets my entire life. Every loss is painful. I could feel the pain in your words but I could also see the joy in your heart.

    I’m happy you shared Mooshie’s memories with us.

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  2. O’l Count was the dog we had growing up. He was a border collie and German shepherd mix. He was the best cattle dog ever. I also had a beagle named Clyde. Count and Clyde went missing for days. Count came back with severe lacerations and his thick leather coller was nearly cut in two. We never saw Clyde again. We think that they got into a fight with an Eastern Mountain Lion. They’re not supposed to exist but a few years back I was less than ten feet from one and we watched each other for several minutes. There’s no mistaking what it was. Count was never really the same but he was my grandfather’s dog. Clyde was mine. I miss them both.

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  3. Such sweet story. Love the tabby cats. I still have my husbands’ tabby, named Liddy. She loved my husband and he loved her. Liddy was a cat that was dumped behind our backyard fence. My husband heard the car stop and drive away and then a few minutes later he heard her cry. I am sure that your Mooshie was indeed very special since she chose your husband to be her human daddy. Rescues always hold a very special place.

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  4. 17 years, shows the power of a diet of Cheerios and cucumbers. Mooshie was lucky to have such a loving family, and it sounds like she was a darling girl that will always be a part of your lives. This is a beautiful tribute. I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a furbaby is incredibly painful. Sending love  ♥
    Caz xxxx

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  5. It’s difficult when you lose your pet because they give unconditional love. I still miss our pet cockatiel that died 11 years ago. He used sing a lot in the morning with different tunes, and remind us when the laundry was done because his cage was in the laundry room.

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