Video Joy to Soothe You by da-AL with furry and feathered friends

Being a soon-to-be self-published novelist requires learning a) to wear many hats, b) to be absolutely humble, and c) to continually lavish oneself with self-care.

Happiness came this morning to my doggie and me in the form of a walk to the park. The sky bode the kind of sunny day that entices zillions to relocate to Los Angeles. We were greeted with the scent of fresh-cut grass, the caresses of cool breezes on our faces — and the honking of visiting geese!

Thank you’s to this and this and this and this vlogger for teaching me iMovie techniques that added art and several seconds to this micro-video.

How do you derail interior monologues of self-doubt?…

44 thoughts on “Video Joy to Soothe You by da-AL with furry and feathered friends”

  1. I think the word de-rail is already showing it. Self-doubt certainly has everyone over and over again. Just don’t let it get stuck on a track. Just do something that makes you happy. It doesn’t matter if it’s effective at the moment. Have a beautiful weekend! Michael 🙂

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  2. Regarding self-published books, I like to remember that the first great poetry in America was published by Walt Whitman at his own expense. It didn’t sell, but Emerson’s enthusiastic praise got Walt’s career going.

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  3. Well, I’m blind so I could only listen to the geese, but they sound…. like I wouldn’t want them near my house in the mornings! As for self-doubt, just don’t think about it. If it’s not really warranted, you’ll soon forget, but if it’s nagging and nagging, then pay attention.

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  4. Cute! Your dog did not run off to chase them, very well behaved of him!

    I think that a little bit of self-doubt is healthy and kind of a quality check … 😉 … but, as in all things, moderation is recommended … 🙂

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  5. That was fantastic! For some reason, when I take my dog to a park filled with geese, he just ignores them, choosing instead to sniff the same patch of dirt in his path for several minutes. As to the interior monologues of self-doubt: failure is okay and unavoidable on the road to reaching one’s goals. In those moments, perhaps you can stop and take a look at your own blog to remind yourself of the joy you consistently provide to both people and animals. I’ve only been following your blog for a few days and that’s already very clear to me.

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