Spectacular Views in and Around Gold Coast, Australia by da-AL

Best of all Lookouts, Springbrook National Park.

“Best of All Lookouts,” located on the rim of a 20 million-year-old volcano, is aptly named. Australia has more beauty than one can visit in a lifetime. Fortunately for my husband and me, our family there was generous about sharing many sights near their home in the Gold Coast.

From New Zealand’s Auckland / Rotorua / Redwoods / Huka Falls / Craters of the Moon / Waitomo Glowworms Caves / Taupo / Pirongia / Hamilton Gardens — to Australia’s Tai Chi in Gold Coast / Birds Part 1 / Birds Part 2 / ate a delicious meal on the beach / saw wild things and cute things at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary / had fun with Rita Rigby / met the beasts of Brisbane and the beauty there / enjoyed Sydney this much and that much, as well as the purring there! — our vacation was filled with spectacular beauty.

Near Best of All Lookouts is Purling Brook Falls

Purling Brook Falls, Springbrook National Park.

and this memorable tree…

Khashayar takes a break in a tree while Rita and I look on.

with remarkable bark…

Tree bark: nature is the ultimate artist.

And this great dictionary…

Terminology sign, Springbrook National Park.

Along the drive there, we stopped to admire Hinze Dam

To stand in the middle of its road.
And to stop and admire the view.

Further along, we took in views in and around Point Danger, where New South Wales meets Queensland…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s the most unique sight near your city?

31 thoughts on “Spectacular Views in and Around Gold Coast, Australia by da-AL

  1. Well, here in Fort Collins we do have a respectable waterfall. I’d attach an image if wordpress would allow. But I have to say I don’t think many places would beat the Gold Coast for sightseeing. They do say that, at the top of the Rockies, Trail Ridge Road runs along the spine of the continental divide for a ways and is amazing and frightening. But I don’t know … I’m scared to go up there. They say there are cliffs. No no no no.

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  2. Your question not easily to be answered, unique places in our near Berlin quite a lot. I have visited more recently very old oak trees with an age of at least 500 years. A picture to be seen in my recent post A PLACE TO BE. Trees are a real fascinating species 🙂

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  3. What some lovely memories and amazing pictures, I loved the Aboriginal dictionary!

    We live right down in the south of the UK and are lucky enough to have many unique features and places of National interest, right on our doorstep.

    I guess the most famous landmark, which most people will have heard of, is Stonehenge, a prehistoric ring of standing stones …

    I’ll leave you a link to the official English Heritage website if you want to check it out 🙂


    Enjoy your weekend


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  4. I am in awe of that tree, what an impressive specimen! Isn’t it great to have family (or friends) “on location” to show off the beautiful spots!
    In little Denmark, especially our tiny corner of it, I think that Rebild Bakker and the Indiana-Jones path (my name for it, it is this jungle like plank path in the moor) are the most interesting. In Rebild Bakker they celebrate the 4th of July every year (there is a Danish-American Society).

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  5. Australia is a beautiful country, as I can tell from your many photos. You had a great trip, we’re lucky you shared so much with us. I really enjoyed reading the sign that gave the Aboriginal names, and the translations show how much they describe the sites.

    As for our city’s best view – probably the one pointing to the freeway so we can depart to other, more interesting places. Lake Forest is a great place to live as the school district is good and the community is safe and comprised of friendly people. But this isn’t a city to visit.

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