Video: Great TV, an Inspiring Author, and a Humble Tango by da-AL

My husband I do a little dance for our dear cousins.

Someone said that a good story makes you both laugh and cry. To me, a remarkable story does all that while capturing the nuances of how each of us can be wonderful yet flawed. Bramwell, a TV show I only recently discovered, does it all. It’s from the 1990s, which apparently is so old that the closest to a trailer for it that I could find for you is this opening…

I’m discussing Bramwell to tell you about the inspiring screenwriter. Wikipedia notes, “Lucy Gannon once worked as a military policewoman, a residential social worker, and a nurse, and lived in a concrete council house with no central heating. She later moved to a converted barn in Derbyshire and now lives near Cardigan, in Wales.” Here she describes how she came to writing…

And here, my friends, is a tango that my husband and I danced for our dear cousins in Gold Coast, Australia…

What makes great writing for you?

26 thoughts on “Video: Great TV, an Inspiring Author, and a Humble Tango by da-AL”

  1. I like novels, simple stories, or a fascinating stories, page turners and the word flowing smoothly, like your tango with your husband 🙂

    … but at the beginning i saw him watching the floor 😉

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  2. Thank you for sharing a part of your world, your interesting thoughts on writing and a lovely video of you and your hubby dancing… have you ever entered any competition??.. 🙂

    Have a wonderful Mothers Day weekend and hope it is filled with peace, love and happiness.. 🙂

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  3. I never heard of the series you mention, but then I didn’t own a tv in the 1990s. But the trailer looks interesting.
    The screenwriter is an inspiring person, I must say!

    And your tango, nothing “little” about that … you are getting- or are already – quite the experts.

    I like different things about different authors. Sometimes it is the story, sometimes the protagonists and the way they are portrayed, sometimes the language in itself …

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    1. I truly touched, Lucy — of course I love all my visitors & followers — but as far as I know, you are my first celebrity visitor ❤


  4. What a fascinating person Lucy Gannon is – such an interesting interview. Her writing process is unique as she has no formal education but is totally devoted to doing something she loves and obviously loves to write.
    As for your tango – you and your husband are wonderful dancers, a delight to watch.

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  5. This is why I love blogging – posts like this –
    Give a little bit of the blogger personal stuff and then a tidbit about something readers want – (like a book – food – or a show as you shared here) I am going to watch the other two videos now ….

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  6. Oh my goodness–how I love the tango. Exquisite, sexy, romantic, poetic! I watched the earlier videos of you two as well. Thank you for this treat. I have many “favorite” TV shows—all either European or from the UK, at least one from Canada, and several from Australia, and New Zealand. We stream Acorn and MHZ Choice. So I understand your love for “Bramwell.”

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