Video: Huka Falls, New Zealand’s Longest Falls by da-AL

Huka Falls bridge, New Zealand by Khashayar Parsi.

Green, lush, and filled with surprises. Everywhere we went, New Zealand amazed us! From Auckland, we drove to Rotorua and then hiked the Redwoods. (Later we’d visit Craters of the Moon and the Waitomo Glowworms Caves, then Taupo and Pirongia, as well as Hamilton Gardens. Later in Australia’s Gold Coast, we visited familyand birds of Australia Part 1 of 2 plus Part 2 of 2, then we marveled at the Spectacular Views in and Around Gold Coast, enjoyed a delicious meal on the beach, saw some wild things and cute things at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, had fun with Rita Rigby, met the beasts of Brisbane and the beauty there, and enjoyed Sydney this much and that much, as well as the purring there!

Today, we visited Huka Falls, where water waits for no one!

Up to 220,000 liters (just under 5,300 gallons) of water rush down the series of falls per second. They begin at New Zealand’s longest river (Waikato River) and drain the country’s largest lake (Lake Taupo).

Panoramic of Huka Falls bridge, New Zealand by Khashayar Parsi.

Have you visited any waterfalls?

26 thoughts on “Video: Huka Falls, New Zealand’s Longest Falls by da-AL

  1. For some reason I was expecting it to be more peaceful, but the water is incredibly powerful. Absolutely stunning. I’ve never actually seen a waterfall.. that needs to go on my bucket list! xx

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  2. Huka Falls is the one that’s famous for its turquoise water, right? How lucky that you got to see and photograph it – what an amazing trip you’re having, Daal.

    I’ve had the privilege of seeing Niagara; Bridalveil, Vernal, Nevada, and Yosemite Falls in Yosemite; several falls in Watkens Glen which is near Ithaca, NY; Lone Pine Creek Falls in Whitney Portal; Slide Rock State Park in Sedona, AZ, which is a shallow falls that meanders over rocks strewn along the creek, lots of fun to slide on, thus its name.

    I saw several falls in Hawaii, where I lived twice as a child. I also saw, when I was four, the original Queen’s Bath on the island of Hawaii before it was destroyed by lava flow. Not far from me in Orange County is Holy Jim Canyon with a small but lovely waterfall at the end of a moderate hike.

    Water is such an amazing element – to me, more magical and compelling than fire.

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    • what a great collection of waterfalls, Sharon! interesting comparission – hadn’t thought to compare water against fire – I see what you mean, though 🙂


  3. That’s an impressive amount of water! The colour is interesting, the river bed must contain special minerals. What an amazing trip!

    I have seen waterfalls in the Alps and in Norway, but they are more of the slim kind falling vertically down a precipice.

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