Happy Sounds Video, New Zealand Redwoods and Corrugated Pets by da-AL

Turn your sound up high to listen to the ASMR happy sounds of redwood trees creaking in the wind, sounding like old-fashioned rocking chairs…

Most people know of the redwoods of California, where trees are so awe-inspiring that they’ve got names and their Avenue of the Giants. But did you know that New Zealand has its own redwood forest? For our New Zealand vacation, we’d seen a bit of Auckland, then Rotorua, later Huka Falls and Craters of the Moon and Waitomo Glowworms Caves, then Taupo and Pirongia and Hamilton Gardens. Later in Australia’s Gold Coast, we visited family and birds of Australia Part 1 of 2 plus Part 2 of 2, and then we marveled at the Spectacular Views in and Around Gold Coast, enjoyed a delicious meal on the beach, saw some wild things and cute things at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, had fun with Rita Rigby, met the beasts of Brisbane and the beauty there, and enjoyed Sydney this much and that much, as well as the purring there!

Now we got out of our car and hiked up, up, up…

da-AL strolls up to New Zealand’s redwood forest.

Back in the early 1900s, New Zealand officials admired our redwoods — and then planted some of their own! — resulting in the Redwoods Forest of Whakarewarewa. New Zealand soil is so dense with nutrients that the trees grew faster there than they do in the U.S. Like California’s, New Zealand’s big trees provide homes to an abundance of wildlife, including endangered creatures.

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Trees actually talk to each other, creating an ecosystem among themselves that feeds everything from below their roots to far into the air! Redwoods can live for thousands of years — unless humans cut them down or pollute them to death. Alas, the largest was felled around 1945. The most massive tree on earth now is the General Sherman, at 83.8 meters (275 ft) high by 7.7 m (25 ft) wide. The world’s oldest tree lives in California too — a bristlecone pine that’s 5,068 years old. Let’s hope we don’t kill them or their kin.

A little further along, we stopped to pet corrugated animals in the city of Tirau!…

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What’s the biggest tree you’ve ever seen?

22 thoughts on “Happy Sounds Video, New Zealand Redwoods and Corrugated Pets by da-AL

  1. A sound I remember from New Zealand was the cacophony of cicadas in trees on a hot day at a place we were camping. There must have been hundreds of them as they were SO loud. Thanks for your audio video! I enjoyed that.

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  2. Hi Daal,
    Great posts again. We had snow and hail last week, Summer temperatures this week and upcoming weekend Fall-like weather. So your post about hail…that’s normal for us during April, haha
    New Zealand…what a beautiful country. On my wish-list to visit, not sure if we will ever go there. So many places on that wish-list. So, thank you for sharing your photo’s and videos and give a glance of this amazing land and people over there.
    Hope all is well, sending you a big hug again! XxX

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  3. I love trees! The Redwood are impressive!
    The biggest tree I have seen so far stands (or stood) in Trsteno in Croatia at the Adriatic coast. It is a sycamore, and I could read on the Internet that it still exists. I think one needed 14 people holding hands to get around the trunk. I was there 40 years ago, imagine how that must have grown … 🙂

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  4. Awesome soundtrack and photos of the trees there. I did know there were other Redwoods other than in CA but I am most familiar with the ones in CA as I was born and raised in Southern CA and have had the pleasure of walking amongst the Redwoods in Northern CA. They are awe inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. da-AL, I’m happy to learn that redwoods exist elsewhere in the world than in coastal California soil. With an increasing number of 1st growth redwoods in California falling to the axe and saw. last year I came up with the following.

    2000 YEARS A TREE

    © Barbara Grace Lake 2018

    I rose from sediment and mold
    Two thousand years ago and more
    I fought with elements, made war
    Against all forces, known-unknown
    Those animals whose step would crush,
    A bolt of lightning’s blasting fire

    Colossal creatures near my grove,
    Perhaps unseen, oh let them pass
    They’re huge, so big and I’m so small
    A giant foot directly up
    It’s coming down. It’s crushing me
    Into the earth. I’m smothering

    All living things are running wild
    The lightning, thunder deafening
    I smell the scorch of burning trees
    Not me, not yet, please let me grow
    A bolt of hell fire strikes the ground
    My branches burn. It hurts, it hurts

    The river’s rising to my feet
    I send out roots to hold the mud
    But can they grasp? One just let go
    And now another one. Dig deep
    Entrench, hold mud, hold earth, hold tight
    If not our life will wash away

    Two thousand years and more I’ve lived
    To grow immense. three hundred feet
    My shady paths give life to ferns
    Green carpet grows abundantly
    When looking up men cannot doubt
    They’ve sensed a godlike majesty

    My girth provides for many home
    Ten men it took to measure me
    For cutting saws? They shred the air
    I hear the screams of sister trees
    Now at my feet, the saw’s first bite
    Two thousand years of life erased.

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  6. daAl this is one good information about Redwoods it is surprising a 5000 years old tree still lives.
    I seen a tree which is called as The Big Banyan tree in my state Karnataka India.
    Here is some information
    The Dodda Aalada Mara(ದೊಡ್ಡ ಆಲದ ಮರ),literally translated to Big Banyan Tree, is a giant 400-year-old banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis), located in the village of Kethohalli in the Bangalore Urban district of Karnataka, India.[1] This single plant covers 3 acres (12,000 m2) and is one of the largest of its kind. In the 2000s, the main root of the tree succumbed to natural disease, and thus the tree now looks like many different trees.

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  7. What a beautiful sound! We have some very old and big trees on our property–one of them was planted by a neighbour over eighty years ago–he passed away last year at the age of 92, but the tree he planted lives on:-)

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