Video: Hail! Hail! All Hail Hail! by da-AL

My doggie and me on a sunny day.

Hail in Los Angles is highly unusual. Hail that lasts longer than a minute or two basically never happens.

But that’s what we got on the first day of Spring, a.k.a. Persian New Year! A hailstorm that lasted twenty minutes and was followed with brilliant sunshine!

Surely this means we’re off to an interesting season — or year — ahead! As you’ll hear my husband talking on the video, even our doggie shivered with anticipation…

How often does it hail where you live?

20 thoughts on “Video: Hail! Hail! All Hail Hail! by da-AL

  1. Wow, that was bad! Hail like that is fortunately very rare here too. Usually the hail showers are shorter and the single hail corns smaller. It happens usually in April … 2-3 times maybe.
    One year friends of ours in the north of Germany had hail so big that it dented the cars, and they rushed out to drive them into the carport. And it was local, more or less only in their town, which is even weirder.

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  2. da-AL, I lived for many years in Chatsworth, California, at the time a tiny new suburb carved out of orange orchards and small ranches in the extreme northwestern section of the San Fernando Valley. Even so, it was still a part of Los Angeles. I remember one year waking up to hail that literally covered and killed the dichondra lawn. I think this was early in 1962. I know we hadn’t been in our house very long, just long enough to put in a front lawn. Brrrrr and Grrrrr

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  3. Oh wow, that’s some powerful hail! We randomly had some a couple of weeks ago. It was sunny one minute, torrential hail for 2 minutes, then it disappeared. Then it was back to the usual: grey skies, dreary, cold & rainy. I hope the weather picks up where you are soon! x

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  4. Hi Daal
    my family is on holiday in Turkey and I prefer my holiday at home.
    Just last week I posted my fam. a short video with hail in my garden. Looked just like your short video.
    And NOW the weather has changed completely. It`s been warm and sunny the last 2 days. I took advantage of the good weather and visited this wonderful family:
    I try to send you sun for next week! The hail is followed by the sun…
    Have a good time!
    Juergen from Loy (PJP)

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