Argentine Tango Elegante: Video of Newest Step by da-AL

Khashayar and da-AL learning a new step. Khashayar and da-AL learning a new step.

It’s no coincidence that my soon-to-be self-published novels have to do with dance! Here are my husband and me practicing a step we just learned at the end of class (and here’s more and some more and more and a quick clip and the first time I posted a video of our dancing about the style of Argentine tango that we dance that’s taught by these outstanding teachers)…

Here’s a masterfully fun tango clip of “Lost in Paris,” a marvelous film I recently discovered by French film burlesque style due Canadian Fiona Gordon and Belgian Dominique Abel…

And another from the same movie — that’s choreographed by them (and danced?)…

What’s your favorite dance film?…

44 thoughts on “Argentine Tango Elegante: Video of Newest Step by da-AL

  1. Dance on! i LOVE your tango… and those red shoes! Wonderful! My favorite dance film is probably West Side Story. The Jerome Robbins choreography is so demanding for the dancers and so good for what it happening in the film.

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  2. Lovely to see you dancing, and excellent moves.. My eight year old granddaughter does ballroom and Latin dance since the age of four. And we often support her in competition etc..
    My favourite dance show would have to go back to some of the classics, of Fred Astaire .. But you can’t beat Singing in the Rain sequence..

    Much love and Keeeeeep Dancing!!… ❤

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  3. Every Bollywood film,as there’s lot of dancing included in our film.I would recommend you to watch ‘ABCD-anybody can dance’,You will love it.As far as this cute couple,what shall I say,May this dance and love never ends,Amen!

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