Chinese Lantern Festival Videos, North Carolina

da-AL in front of lighted Chinese astrology banner
Pigs are great!

What’s a Chinese Lantern Festival? It took visiting a good friend in North Carolina for me to discover. Theories vary about its origins, but always it’s tied to the Chinese New Year. This one was an eye-popping expanse of light sculptures beautiful enough to make all ages brave the cold outdoors …

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… And there were even performances! …

Here’s about Georgia O’Keeffe in North Carolina. Also, here’s about the North Carolina Museum of Art’s Women-Powered Art, and its Outspoken and Ancient Art and its Cutting Edge Art.

Have you attended a light festival?…

23 thoughts on “Chinese Lantern Festival Videos, North Carolina”

  1. I know of “La fête des lumières” held in the French city of Lyon each year around 8 December to thank the Virgin Mary, because it was thanks to her that in the Middle Ages, the plague epidemic that was invading Southern France stopped and Lyon was spared

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  2. I have never experienced a lantern festival, it must have been exciting! There be dragons … (and there be pandas as well). I always wondered, why the plates don’t fall down when the sticks are not standing totally straight up.

    The Chinese community is not that large in Denmark.

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      1. That is hard for me to say, there are a lot of Germans, Polish, Russians, other Scandinavians, people from the Baltic countries, but they often come for the summer only to help with the harvest.
        I have just looked it up. It seems like the largest immigrant group are Turks. There are not so many Africans, I think it is too cold here … 😉

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