Arthritis Remedy for Dogs and Cats: The Power of Warmth by da-AL

Winter can cruel to aging warm-blooded pets. The best arthritis advice I received was when my great vet told me, “Just get them through the winter.”

Cropped photo of someone in a bunny rabbit suit walking into bleak distance
Wonderfulness via Ryan McGuire of and tweaked by da-AL

Even in warmer climates like Southern California, winter is his busy time when it comes to pet owners frantic to relieve their pets of arthritis pain. “Even if it feels warm to us, they know it’s winter,” he said.

“Keep them warm,” was his advice. At all hours.

An electric blanket is perfect during the night. Toss it over your pet’s sleeping area. Make sure it’s the type that will stay on at a very low setting all night (don’t get the kind that switches off after only an hour).

Of the many remedies I explored to make my best friends comfortable, the electric blanket afforded them most dramatic relief.

How do your pets fare in winter?

27 thoughts on “Arthritis Remedy for Dogs and Cats: The Power of Warmth by da-AL

  1. We bought Titus a thick coat to wear, we don’t let him out for long on cold days, and we limit his walks when the temperature is really low–the ice hurts his paws but I can’t get him to wear boots, although he loves his coat!

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    • I’m sure he looks quite handsome in it — is it the sort that covers his legs too? I saw one of those for the first time just a couple of days ago. My dogs hated boots – I tried to get them to wear them when I visited Las Vegas one summer & the concrete was blazing


  2. Good morning dear da-AL and thanks for all this too necessary article about the “old and loyal friends” in our lives. Yes, they deserve our respect and gratitude in their twilight years. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

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      • Good morning. dear da-AL. At present we do not have any pets but when we were raising our kids we had three great dogs that we still remember with affection. And for a brief period, a female cat that never got in the right footing with moi. My wife at the time decided to take it away form our New York apartment in order to give it to one of her cat-loving friends when the rascal urinated on top of the dinner table ( perhaps it was a deliberate act of passive-aggressive defiance against moi, an inheritor of the genetic material of hunter-wanderers of early Mankind) Un baccione. Arrivederci!

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  3. Aw I feel so bad for pets with illnesses, and arthritis is cruel. My dog, before he sadly passed about 5 years ago now, had diabetes and arthritis. Trying to make sure our little furballs are warm and as comfortable as possible is the best thing we can do, so that’s good advice.xx

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