Arthritis Remedy for Dogs and Cats: The Power of Warmth

Winter can cruel to aging warm-blooded pets. The best arthritis advice I received was when my great vet told me, “Just get them through the winter.”

Cropped photo of someone in a bunny rabbit suit walking into bleak distance
Wonderfulness via Ryan McGuire of and tweaked by da-AL

Even in warmer climates like Southern California, winter is his busy time when it comes to pet owners frantic to relieve their pets of arthritis pain. “Even if it feels warm to us, they know it’s winter,” he said.

“Keep them warm,” was his advice. At all hours.

An electric blanket is perfect during the night. Toss it over your pet’s sleeping area. Make sure it’s the type that will stay on at a very low setting all night (don’t get the kind that switches off after only an hour).

Of the many remedies I explored to make my best friends comfortable, the electric blanket afforded them most dramatic relief.

How do your pets fare in winter?

27 thoughts on “Arthritis Remedy for Dogs and Cats: The Power of Warmth”

      1. Always. We keep hoping to get a dog but still dealing with stuff (dumb but necessary and time consuming stuff, like tenting our house for termites – the pets we didn’t want!) that has to be resolved first.
        Stay dry, Daal. I know you’re getting as saturated as well are.

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        1. termites – urgh! – hope I don’t have them for pets too lol – wishing you luck. thanks, dear Sharon – same to you – our doggie doesn’t like getting her feet wet, even though she’s part labrador! I think she learned that from her dearly departed siblings who were lab mix too 🙂

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          1. When our sons were young, we had a dog named Ark who hated anything wet. From baths, which she would only tolerate with one paw held out of the suds while I washed the rest of yer, to walking daintily around the merest wet patch on the sidewalk. If it was raining outside, she would stand at the open door and stare up at me as if asking, “Really? You want me to step out into THAT?” She did not live up to her name but she was the sweetest, most loyal and gentle creature ever. We still miss her.

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  1. We bought Titus a thick coat to wear, we don’t let him out for long on cold days, and we limit his walks when the temperature is really low–the ice hurts his paws but I can’t get him to wear boots, although he loves his coat!

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    1. I’m sure he looks quite handsome in it — is it the sort that covers his legs too? I saw one of those for the first time just a couple of days ago. My dogs hated boots – I tried to get them to wear them when I visited Las Vegas one summer & the concrete was blazing


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